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Donation Value Guide: How Much Are Your Donation Items Actually Worth?

Donation Value Guide: How Much Are Your Donation Items Actually Worth?

Planning to get rid of furniture or other household items? Donating to ReStore is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

It is better for the environment, and your donated items make a huge impact on your community–as Jill Carmody, Minneapolis ReStore Senior Manager, says, “Donations are the lifeblood of ReStore." Plus, ReStore makes it as easy as possible for our donors by offering free residential and commercial pickup, and you get a 20% discount to ReStore when you donate!

On top of making a difference, one direct benefit you get from making a donation to a nonprofit is the ability to claim a tax deduction for your donation. But how much can you claim? When donating used items, that can get tricky. Gently used items don't have price tags anymore, and they lose value as soon as they are used, so you can only claim the resale value.

However, the IRS does not allow nonprofit organizations to set the value of your donation; the donor must assign that value as accurately as possible. So, how much are your donation items actually worth? Here are reasonable ranges to use as guidelines to help with your itemized deductions for items commonly donated to the ReStore using our Donation Value Guide.

LightingDonation Value Guide - Lighting

  • Floor Lamp: $15–$60
  • Wall Mount: $5–$35
  • Ceiling Mount/Chandelier: $10–$45

Plumbing FixturesDonation Value Guide - Bathroom Sink-1

  • Kitchen Faucet: $10–$75
  • Bathroom Faucet: $5–$25
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink: $10-$35
  • Porcelain Bathroom Sink: $5–$25
  • Pedestal Sink: $25–$50
  • Laundry Sink (Utility Tub): $10–$20
  • Porcelain Bathtub: $50–$225


  • Hand Tools: $1–$15
  • Power Tools: $5–$145

Donation Value Guide - Hardwood Flooring-3


  • Wooden Plank Flooring: $5–$20 per sq. ft.
  • Laminate: $20–$40 (approx. 20 sq. ft.)

Ceramic Tile

  • Floor Tile: $1–$3 per sq. ft.
  • Wall Tile: $1–$5 per sq. ft.

Carpet and Pad 

  • Carpet: 50 cents to $1.50 per sq. ft.
  • Pad: 25 cents to 50 cents per sq. ft.


  • Shingles: $7–$15 per bundle

Donation Value Guide - Feature Image-1


  • Kitchen Base Cabinets: $25–$125
  • Wall Cabinets: $10–$95
  • Doors: $2–$5
  • Knobs: 50 cents to $1.50
  • Hinges: 25 cents to $1
  • Bathroom Vanity Base: $25–$225
  • Medicine Cabinet: $10–$25


  • Bi-Fold Interior: $5–$25
  • Solid Core Exterior: $25–$125
  • Steel Exterior: $50–$225
  • Door Wall: $75–$550
  • Storm: $50–$90


  • Small/Medium: $25–$100
  • Large: $75–$200
  • Screens: $2–$5

Blinds / Rods

  • Curtain Rod (Traditional): $2-$5
  • Pole Rod: $5–$30
  • Traverse Rod: $5–$30

Donation Value Guide - Appliances-1


  • Refrigerator: $100–$525
  • Stove: $100–$425
  • Washer: $125–$395
  • Dryer: $125–$395


  • Couch: $25–$195
  • Loveseat: $25–$145
  • Occasional Chair: $15–$75
  • Coffee Table: $10–$75
  • End Table: $10–$45
  • Dining Set (Table and Four Chairs): $65–$275
  • Buffet: $45–$225
  • Bed (Queen Kit): $50–$150
  • Dresser: $25–$100

Donation Value Guide - Lumber*-1

Building Materials

  • Drywall: $2–$7
  • Molding: $1–$10
  • Lattice: $3–$20
  • Dimensional Lumber: $1–$30
  • OSB: $3–$12
  • Plywood: $3–$20
  • Shelving: $1–$5.00

Lawn & Garden

  • Power Mower: $75–$225
  • Snow Blower: $75–$325
  • Barbeque Grill (Charcoal): $25–$75
  • Gas Grill: $75–$225
  • Hose: $1–$10
  • Spreader: $5–$25
  • Sprinkler: $2.50–$10
  • Wheelbarrow: $10–$40
  • Patio Set (Table and Four Chairs): $75–$250
  • Bricks and Blocks: 25 cents to $4

Download our Donation Value Guide as a PDF

While you don’t need to submit a receipt when claiming your donation tax deductions on your tax return, you will need one if you are ever audited, and donations of $250 or more can only be claimed if you have an acknowledgment of your donation from the charity. So play it safe, and always ask for a receipt.

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