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WCCO DIY Fridays

Check out some of our highlighted WCCO DIY Friday segments from ReStore. And be sure to tune in to WCCO on Friday mornings for the chance to see the latest DIY project using products found at ReStore!

Tiling tips and tile grading explained

Jan on a recent segment of WCCO's DIY Friday showing off tiling tips

How to replace a door or doorknob

Take a look at the full blog to get more videos to help you with your next door project.
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Reasonable flooring options

Making Your Own Planters That You Can Bring Inside

Tips On Organizing Your Christmas Decorations

Jason DeRusha and Heather Brown recently Skyped with Jan Hagerman, from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Get organized after Christmas >

Repurpose For The Holidays

Jan shares some fun project ideas for the holidays

Repurposing for the holidays >

Painting Projects At Home

jan painting on wcco

Here are some basic tips for your next home painting project.

Painting projects at home >

Tips for DIY Furniture Refinishing

Jan on WCCO oct 2020

Don't throw away old furniture. Give it new life with a fresh coat of paint!

Watch our tips on painting furniture on WCCO >

Creating Your Own DIY Home Workspace

With kids learning from home and adults working from home you may need a space to get all of that done, Jan Hagerman explains.

Find out more about the latest Upcycle Challenge on our blog>

ReStore adds Remodeled Space

The New Brighton ReStore has expanded it's showroom and now has plenty of parking!

Take a peek inside  >

Sprucing Up The Yard With A Planter


It’s not too late to spruce up your yard with a new planter. Here is a cool idea that looks great without a lot of effort.

Watch how to make this planter (on WCCO)

How to make your own tote bags-no sewing

How to make your own tote bags - no sewing

The plastic bag fee went into effect in January. So Jan Hagerman from Restore show the Mid-Morning team tips to make our own totes. No sewing!

Watch how to make these easy totes (on WCCO)

Alternatives to Store-Bought Wrapping Paper

homemade holiday paper

Wrapping paper on gifts often can't be recycled. Check out all these unique ways to wrap a gift and reuse and recycle at the same time.

Watch DIY wallpaper (on WCCO)

Home Hacks for the Holiday Season

DIY Holiday Hacks

Lean how to clean air filters, get rid of odors in upholstery, make your own dryer sheets, and make sure your home is safe during the holiday season.

Watch Holiday Hacks (on WCCO)

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Turn any jar into a spooky decoration. Turn PVC pipe and Christmas lights into a centerpiece. And more!

Watch how to make spooky decorations (on WCC0).

Winners of ReStore Upcycle Challenge 2

ReStore Upcycle Challenge 2

See the winners from the latest ReStore Upcycle Challenge. You'll be blown away by the creativity our challengers brought to the competition.

Watch the challengers' creations (on WCCO).

How To Make a Spectacular Succulent Garden

DIY Succulent Garden

Get a few succulent plants at a local shop and stop by the ReStore to find unique and inexpensive home goods that can turn into succulent plants. 

Watch DIY succulent plants (on WCCO).

Winners of ReStore Upcycle Challenge

Upcycle Challenge 1

ReStore DIY-ers selected a chair from the ReStore and set out to give it a new life as part of our ReStore Upcycle Challenge. Contestants went above and beyond, and Jan reveals the winners and honorable mentions in the latest WCCO DIY Friday video. 

Watch the winners of the Upcycle Challenge (on WCCO).

How To Make A Custom Beer Flight Holder

DIY Beer Flight Holder

With some spare wood and a hole saw, you've got some quick and easy beer flight holders.

Watch DIY Beer Flight Holder (on WCCO).

Learn more about the House that Beer Built.

A Creative Way to Reupholster a Chair

A new way to reupholster a chair

Got some old ties? Use them in creative ways! 

Watch how to reupholster a chair with ties (on WCCO).

Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving Table

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Create little trees, pumpkin pie place cards, and more.

Watch DIY Thanksgiving Decorations (on WCCO).

Spooky Halloween DIY Fun

DIY Halloween Decor

Learn how to make a spooky substitute for a jack-o-lantern and build creepy houses.

Watch DIY Halloween projects (on WCCO).

DIY Wooden Cutting Boards

DIY Cutting Boards

Learn how to make beautiful wooden cutting boards for a fraction of the cost you'd find in a store, with wood available at ReStore.

Watch how to make wooden cutting boards (on WCCO).

DIY with PVC Pipe and Pallets

DIY PVC and Pallet projects

Turn pipe into a bird feeder, a pallet into hooks, and an old screen into art. 

Watch DIY with PVC Pipe and Pallets (WCCO).

Turning a Dresser into a Showpiece

Turning your dresser into a showpiece

An old dresser can become a kitchen island, a wet bar, a sideboard—whatever you want!

Watch how to turn your dresser into a showpiece (on WCCO).

Transforming an Entertainment Center

Transforming your entertainment center

Learn how to give new life to an old entertainment center, which you can typically find at both Twin Cities Habitat ReStore locations.

Watch how to transform your entertainment center (on WCCO).

Turning Random Materials Into Works of Art

Transforming random materials into art

Check out some unique artwork you can make by inexpensive materials you can find at both of Twin Cities Habitat's ReStore locations. 

Watch how to turn inexpensive materials into art (on WCCO).

Holiday Decorating & Entertaining Ideas

DIY Christmas Decorations

Need an easy-to-make, inexpensive hostess gift? Watch this DIY Friday segment on WCCO. 

Watch Holiday Decorating & Entertaining Ideas (on WCCO).

Simple Autumn Topiaries

DIY Fall Topiaries

Learn how to make a beautiful fall topiary out of something you'd find in the garden.

Watch DIY fall topiaries (on WCCO).

Revamp an Old Chair

How to revamp an old chair

Breathe life into that comfy--but not beautiful--old chair. 

Watch how to revamp an old chair (on WCCO).

Stained Glass from Scratch

DIY Stained Glass-1

Get in touch with your arts & crafts side and make your own beautiful (and easy to make) stained glass windows. 

Watch how to make stained glass (on WCCO).

Heating Bill Savers

Heating Bill Savers

Get ready for the coming cold with simple ways to make your home more energy efficient.

Watch ways to save on your heating bill (WCCO)

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