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WCCO DIY Fridays

Check out some of our highlighted WCCO DIY Friday segments from ReStore. And be sure to tune in to WCCO on Friday mornings for the chance to see the latest DIY project using products found at ReStore!

Arts & Crafts

Flooring & Tile


Gardening & Plants

Holiday & Seasonal

Home Projects & Tips


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Arts & Crafts

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Inspiring Ideas

Jan shares some entries from our 2023 Big Ideas, Small Spaces upcycle contest. See the rest of the DIY projects!


Creative Uses For Picture Frames

Turn frames into jewelry hangers, trays, and more.

Jan holding a picture of the UK in front of picture frames.

Turning Random Materials Into Works of Art

Check out some unique artwork you can make by inexpensive materials you can find at both of Twin Cities Habitat's ReStore locations.

How to Make Your Own Tote Bags - No Sewing

The plastic bag fee went into effect in January. So Jan Hagerman from Restore show the Mid-Morning team tips to make our own totes. No sewing!

Make Your Own String Art

Create your own colorful and original artwork using string.

DIY Breakfast Trays

Make your own breakfast tray using repurposed materials.

Personalized Artwork for Your Dwelling

You don't have to spend a lot of money to add art to your home or cabin.

DIY "On a Stick"

Jan makes art using repurposed materials.


Flooring & Tile

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Reasonable Flooring Options

Check out the ReStore for affordable flooring for your home

Tiling Tips and Tile Grading Explained

Learn about tile grading and how to start your own project.

Jan with tiling options.


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Revamp an Old Chair

Breathe life into that comfy—but not beautiful—old chair.


How to DIY Reupholster Your Worn-Out Furniture

Old furniture can look new with a simple update...

Transforming an Entertainment Center

Learn how to give new life to an old entertainment center, which you can typically find at both Twin Cities Habitat ReStore locations.

How to Build a Little Free Library

Make your own little free library to share with your neighbors...

Unique Way to Reuse an Old Bed

Turn an old bed into a cute bench!

Turn a Sewing Cabinet into a Drink Cart

Give an old sewing cabinet a new life as a bar or cart for snacks and drinks.



Gardening & Plants

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DIY Toad Houses and Bee Baths

Jan shares how to make cute, customizable toad houses and bee baths for your garden.

Upcycled Items for Planting Flowers

Need more planters for flowers or pots for your garden? Jan shares her creative ideas!

Inspiration for Gardening

Dig in! Find inspiration to get started with your garden.

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Prepare your garden for spring with Jan...

WCCO DIY gardening segment

Spruce up the Yard With a Planter

It’s not too late to spruce up your yard with a new planter. Here is a cool idea that looks great without a lot of effort.

Making Your Own Planters That You Can Bring Inside

Plants bring a natural, beautiful touch to any room.

Creative Ideas for Outdoor Planting

Add some unique pieces to your outdoor garden...

How to Enhance Your Garden with Old Lighting

Bring new life (and light) to your garden.


Holiday & Seasonal

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Make Your Own Mother's Day Gifts

Jan shares DIY tips for homemade Mother's Day gifts.


DIY Christmas Trees for Under $50

Jan shares how you can make your own affordable Christmas trees!


Thrifty Ways to Prepare for Winter

From homemade heat packs to DIY pipe insulation, Jan shares cost-effective and simple ways to get ready for winter.

Homemade Halloween Decorations

Spiders, candy corn, pumpkins—oh my! Jan shares a variety of simple DIY projects to take your fall Halloween decorations to the next level.


Recycling Christmas Ornaments

Have used or outdated Christmas ornaments? Jan demonstrates how you can give them new purpose this holiday season.

Make Winter Warmer, Safer, and Cheaper

Jan shares easy DIY tricks, helping you make the winter months a bit more bearable.

Spooky DIY Halloween Decorations

Use laundry baskets, pipe insulation, or wire to create your own decorations for Halloween.

Simple Autumn Topiaries

Learn how to make a beautiful fall topiary out of something you'd find in the garden.

Holiday Decorating & Entertaining Ideas

Need an easy-to-make, inexpensive hostess gift? Watch this DIY Friday segment on WCCO.

Creepy Crafts - Halloween DIY Fun

Decorate for Halloween with Jan's fun crafts!

Fun, Easy Halloween Decorations

Turn any jar into a spooky decoration. Turn PVC pipe and Christmas lights into a centerpiece. And more!

Alternatives to Store-Bought Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper on gifts often can't be recycled. Check out all these unique ways to wrap a gift and reuse and recycle at the same time.

Repurpose for The Holidays

Jan shares some fun project ideas for the holidays...

Tips On Organizing Your Christmas Decorations

Take away some holiday stress with these organizing tips.

Fun Holiday Decorations

Learn how to make a fun Christmas tree from an old ironing board and more.

Use Reclaimed Lumber for a Father's Day Gift

Give a personalized gift to your dad or another father figure.

How to Make Fun Yard Games for Summer

Create your own fun, affordable lawn games!

Make Your Own Snow Blower Storage

Keep your snow blower accessible during those winter months.

Father's Day Woodworking Project

Make something creative for special guys in your life


Home Projects & Tips

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Easy Ways to Organize

Get organized without breaking the bank! Jan shares easy DIY projects that will help you keep things just where you left them.

Reduce Plastic: Earth Day 2023

You're used to Jan sharing tips for reusing and recycling, but she also knows how to reduce plastic waste! Check out this video to learn simple ways you can help our planet.

DIY Ways to Brighten Your Living Space

From plants to colorful blankets or art, Jan shares how to brighten your living spaces (and maybe even your mood) with simple tips.

How to Use Almost Everything You Accrue

What do you do when you end up with a lot of the same item? Jan shares how to make the most of (almost) everything.

Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy

When it comes to saving money and reducing our carbon footprint, sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. But simple DIY projects can start to lower your energy bill!

Dorm Room Hacks

Are you or someone you know getting ready to move into a college dorm? Making the most of a small space can be daunting, but a touch of creativity can go a long way. There are many ways to create a rejuvenating space to relax after a long day. Check out the video below for ideas!

Home Workspace

With kids learning from home and adults working from home you may need a space to get all of that done, Jan Hagerman explains.

Painting Projects at Home

Here are some basic tips for your next home painting project...

How to Replace a Door or Doorknob

Learn how to replace a door or doorknob with Jan.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Are these tools in your toolkit?

Jan with tools.

Quick, Inexpensive Ways To Brighten Home

Bringing a fresh feel to a room doesn't take much.

Reusing Old Wood Pallets

Reuse old wood pallets to hold flowers, wine glasses, and more.

Fix Up Your Home on the Cheap for Earth Day

Making updates to your home doesn't have to be expensive.

How to Make Eating Easier for Your Large Pet

Use these tips to make feeding your pet a breeze.

Organizing Your Garage

Jan shares tips to keep your garage neat and tidy.



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Cool DIY Lighting Ideas

Find some bright ideas for lighting in your home in this episode of DIY Friday!

Fun, Inexpensive Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Check out these creative ideas for outdoor lighting.

DIY Friday: Light Fixtures

Jan shares fun ways to fix up light fixtures.