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Tips for Tiling [VIDEO]

Tips for Tiling [VIDEO]

ReStore Manager Jan Hagerman shared some tiling tips and encouragement to start your own project on a recent DIY Friday segment on WCCO. It can be scary, but jump into a small tiling job and build up to a larger project.

DIY Friday on WCCO

Start small

To boost your confidence, start with a small project. You'll learn a thing or two, then you'll be ready for a larger project like a bathroom or backsplash.

Ceramic tile grades

When you see a number rating/grade for tile, its a measurement of visible surface abrasion resistance, or simply stated, how tough is it.

  • Grade 1 is the lowest and is only good for walls.

  • Grade 2 can be used for flooring in light traffic areas.

  • Grade 3 is most common and used in all kinds of residential projects.

  • Grade 4 is a step up from 3 and takes more of a beating. Sometimes used in light commercial applications.

  • Grade 5 is the toughest! It's often used in shopping malls, and airports. 

"R" ratings for tile

  • The "R" rating for tile refers to its slip resistance. R13 is the highest and is great for places that might get wet like near pools and often used in commercial applications.

  • R10 through R12 are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, but the higher the number, the safer it is.

  • R9 has the lowest anti-slip properties. You should not use it in places that get exposed to water or outdoors.

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