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The ReStoration Corner

Welcome to ReStore's official blog! Here we post the latest and greatest ReStore happenings, including: DIY tips and videos, sales and contests, seasonal topics, volunteer spotlights, business donor information, and much more. 

6 Tips for a Successful Pickup

Posted by Jill Carmody, Senior ReStore Manager on Feb 1, 2023 1:43:01 PM

Thinking about donating to ReStore? If you aren't able to or don't want to bring your donation to one of our stores, you can schedule a pickup! We offer free pickups, as well as a paid priority pickup option if you need to donate your items quickly. These options make it easy for you to donate your unused items and support ReStore's mission. Before you schedule your pickup, though, take a look at our six tips for a successful pickup experience.

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The Journey of Your ReStore Donations

Posted by Aidan Kelly on Dec 15, 2022 5:30:00 PM

When you donate an item to our ReStore Home Improvement Outlets, you aren't just supporting Habitat—you're also supporting your community and the environment. Your donations keep our ReStores sustainable. They redistribute affordable household items to the community and in turn support local families on their path to homeownership. These donations are cherished by the ReStore staff from the moment they leave your hands to the moment they find a new home. What does that journey look like, exactly? Let's dive in.

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Take your garage back

Posted by ReStore Staff on Oct 10, 2022 1:18:00 PM

Over the last nine months or so, you might have tackled some remodel or home improvement projects. Well, winter is approaching and it's time clean, organize, and donate items to get your garage back in order. Wouldn't you like to park your car inside again?

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Fall Cleanup: Who Will Take Your Donations?

Posted by ReStore Staff on Sep 30, 2022 9:16:00 AM

There's a chill in the air and beautiful colors on the trees: it's officially autumn in Minnesota. A change in season is always a great time for a cleanup.

And by cleanup, we mean more than raking leaves and bringing plants indoors. Now is the perfect time to dive into cleaning your garage, organizing a storage shed, or sorting through other spaces. As you organize and clean before the snow comes, you might even discover a few things you don't want anymore.

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Spring Cleaning: What to Toss and What to Donate

Posted by ReStore Staff on Apr 18, 2022 1:30:00 PM

Sun shining late into the evening, warming temperatures, and melting snow can only mean one thing: spring is here. And it's the perfect time do some spring cleaning.

Before you get trash-happy, consider items you can donate. You may be surprised to find that much of what you don't need or want anymore can be donated. You'll not only keep items out of the landfill, but you'll make another family very happy.

But where do you start? We'll help you identify some of those things you didn't know you could donate (and tell you where to donate them) and some things that are better sent to the trash.


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Shopping and Donating at Our Stores Safely

Posted by ReStore Staff on Apr 1, 2022 1:39:00 PM

Updated on July 19, 2022

The safety of our staff and volunteers is first and foremost at ReStore. We've updated our protocols and rules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that you should know before visiting. 

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[VIDEO] How to Donate to ReStore During COVID-19 (Drop-Off or Pickup)

Posted by ReStore Staff on Apr 1, 2022 8:45:00 AM

The pandemic left many people spending more time at home than they used to. Maybe you started to notice the stuff around you – old furniture and home goods, scrap materials from the last home improvement project, that kind of thing. The good news? ReStore is ready for your donations!

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ReStore Expands Its Pickup Service Area

Posted by Regina Eckes on Mar 1, 2022 12:59:59 PM

From Waverly to Taylors Falls, and Isanti to Northfield, ReStore is expanding its service area! That means our reliable trucks can pick up goods at more places, including just outside the seven-county metro area. This is the widest service area ReStore has ever had.

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Business Donor Spotlight: Metropolitan Picture Framing

Posted by Jackie Moore on Feb 23, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Metropolitan Picture Framing is a new business donor to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them! Metropolitan is a manufacturer that’s one of the few in the U.S. that specializes in custom-made wood frames for museums such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. They also sell to picture framers, galleries, and artists.

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Spring Cleaning with ReStore in Mind

Posted by Regina Eckes on Feb 15, 2022 11:15:00 AM

We're almost ready to "spring ahead," and many of us are looking forward to the snow melting, birds chirping and the return of green spaces everywhere. Spring is also a time when we embark on a sometimes daunting indoor activity: spring cleaning. Whether you're starting the process now or putting it off until May, be sure to partner with ReStore to donate your unwanted items. 

"Spring cleaning can be a great time to bring order to your home or business and donate items to the ReStore," says Robin Henrichsen, Director of ReStore Operations. "Individuals or businesses can drop off items at the two ReStore locations or request a pickup if you have a lot of items."

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