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ReStore Staff

People donating to ReStore.

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Donations by Room

If you're doing any spring cleaning, chances are that you'll end up finding items you no longer need. Rather than keeping unused furniture or materials, consider donating to ReStore! Donating is a sustainable option that also helps families in the...

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Jan at WCCO's studio.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

You don't need to break the bank to give thoughtful gifts to friends and family! In this segment of DIY Friday at the WCCO studio, New Brighton...

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ReStore showroom

Where Can I Buy Second-Hand Furniture in the Twin Cities?

Whether you enjoy a good deal or the thrill of the hunt, buying second-hand furniture and other household items can be terrific fun. You're also...

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Two painters painting blue siding.

Spring Projects: When is the Best Time to Paint Outside?

The warm weather has arrived, and it's time to tackle some of those outdoor painting projects you couldn't complete during the winter months. Whether...

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Two people purchasing a lamp from ReStore with cashier.

What Happens to Your Donation? Follow Its Journey to the Sales Floor

You might be able to guess a few steps in the journey of an item donated to ReStore. But what about those missing pieces? Follow along to discover...

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Wood flooring.

Flooring Remodeling: How to Pick, Buy, and Install the Right Flooring

If you've never redone your flooring (or if it's been a while since the last time you did), you might feel a bit lost about where to start. ReStore...

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Jan showing lighting ideas at the WCCO studio.

Bright DIY Ideas for Lighting [VIDEO]

If you've been thinking about updating light fixtures in your home, ReStore is here to illuminate your imagination! In this episode of DIY Friday at...

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Preview image of cabinet door video.

How to Give Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors a Makeover [VIDEO]

Many people love their houses, except for one small place (which isn't that small at all)—the kitchen. Why? Ugly, outdated cabinets are often the...

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Appliances at ReStore.

ReStore is the Place to Donate and Shop for Appliances

If you're replacing your appliances, have you thought about what to do with your old stove, fridge, and more? Well, staff at our ReStore home...

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Office desks lined up in a showroom.

 Where Can I Donate My Business Furniture in the Twin Cities?

Especially in the era of remote work and comfortable, customizable home offices, it is crucial that businesses invest in keeping their work offices...

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