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Tackling a Do-It-Yourself project is not only a great way to add customization and personalization to your home decor -- it's also a creative way to save money. Shop the ReStore to find great inspiration and low prices on tools and materials, and take a look at some of the inspiring DIY transformations below that were completed by both professionals and ReStore customers just like you!

ReStore DIY videos

Our staff shares how to complete various DIY projects using materials and tools from our stores!

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WCCO DIY Friday segments

Whether it's a holiday coming up, or an everyday project, ReStore staff and the WCCO team get creative on #DIYFridays!

WCCO DIY Friday Videos

  • ReStore countertop tile DIY.jpeg
    "We glued 12x12 tiles to finish this wall space."
    -Andrew J. 
    ReStore shopper
  • Sidewalk lights with Restore glass bricks.jpeg

    "We used glass bricks from the ReStore to create these sidewalk lights."
    -Andrew J.
    ReStore shopper

  • Custom front door.jpeg

    "We created a custom front door with materials from the Restore."
    -Andrew J.
    ReStore Shopper

  • 10.png
    Bathroom Makeover
    "It took 9 months, but my bathroom is finally done. Lots of light, lots of tile, new windows, new fixtures, new everything!"
    - DIY by Derek M.
  • Chalkboard_DIY
    Fall Chalkboard
    "This sign was under $20 – with plenty of materials left over!"
    - Alyse from A Piece of Alyse
  • DIY-bench-coatrack
    DIY Bench Seat and Coat Rack
    "I built this bench from 1x12's, all wooden door purchased from the Restore."
    - Marie G., ReStore Shopper
  • chair_before_after
    Chair Makeover
    "Old 70s chairs ... New 2016 beauties!"
    - T. Luell, ReStore Shopper
  • Before__After_vintage chair
    New French Style
    "This 70's chair had a vinyl seat and no life. A little grey and white chalk paint and recovered seat and..voila! A French Country inspired piece."
    - DIY by Marilyn P., ReStore Staff
  • Derek_Lee_Millers_Bathroom_Makeover.png
    Bathroom Makeover
    "It took 9 months, but my bathroom is finally done. Lots of light, lots of tile, new windows, new fixtures, new everything!"
    - DIY by Derek M.
  • DIY_planter_basket.jpg
    DIY Planter
    "I made this hanging planter from ReStore supplies- a pretty light shade, an old planter basket, a chandelier chain, & added some dangle earrings for decoration." - DIY by Wendy D.
  • Before__After_belle_junque
    A Cabinet for the Cottage
    Belle Junque renews furniture and home decor, and is a local shabby paints stylist located in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. 
     - DIY by
  • AFTER chair.jpg
    A whole new look
    Some chalk paint and new fabric give this 1970's chair a much-needed makeover!
    -Marilyn, ReStore Donations Coordinator
  • Mary DIY
    DIY Cabinet
    "I purchased a wall cabinet, large ceramic tiles, trim and a piece of 2x4. I added legs and a top to the cabinet and now use it to store items by my washing machine."
    -DIY by Mary M.
  • 500_700-Marilyn-DIY-
    "Gossip Bench" DIY
    "I bought this at the ReStore and upholstered the seat with vintage 1940's bark cloth curtains. I had to glue a few loose joints, primed and painted."
    -DIY by Marilyn P., ReStore Staff
  • 500_700-Marilyn-Chair-BeforeAFter
    DIY Chair Makeover
    "I bought this chair for $7 at the ReStore. Primed it, painted it, and upholstered with new grey denim fabric."
    -Marilyn P., ReStore Staff
  • bird_bath_before_after
    DIY Bird Bath
    "We took this hanging light that was 25% off and made it over into a pretty birdbath. We added 3 recovered antique wood spindles for legs." 
    - DIY by Wendy and Kirk D.
  • Mallory_M_DIY_Frame
    Window Project
    "Wanna say thanks for everything! Just finished my DIY project with a new window and some thin trim pieces.
    - DIY by Mallory M.
  • Joanna_W DIY
    Cabinet DIY Before & After
    I found this cabinet at ReStore & did a tutorial for my blog. It didn't take much to transform this into a lovely piece! (
    - DIY by Joanna W. 
  • Before-After-Daughter-Dance-Studio
    Dance Studio Dream
    "This is the first time I've laid laminate. This single mom is having a blast learning how to spruce up my new home with your store's help!"
    - DIY by Heather W.


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