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Jared Laabs

Jared Laabs is the Marketing Coordinator at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Prior to Twin Cities Habitat, Jared worked within Minnesota State for over 15 years in the Marketing department. Jared is energized by hearing personal stories of triumph and learning about the amazing people we serve in our community. He enjoys learning and trying new things, but has limits. No sky diving.

Get a bargain on vinyl plank flooring at ReStore Twin Cities

Get a bargain on vinyl plank flooring - and install it yourself!

When you shop at ReStore, you're finding all kinds of treasures based on what has been donated by the community. But sometime when you're looking for flooring, it may be difficult to get enough material for a large room. That's why ReStore has...

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Things to do when downsizing.

Here are some tips if you plan on downsizing your home

If you're considering downsizing your home or you're already in the process, we've provided some tips to help you pare down your belongings to fit...

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Gifts without shipping delays.

There are no shipping delays when you create your own gifts

We've heard it over and over again on the news: with supply chain issues and bottlenecks, your holiday gifts may be unavailable. Well, this...

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Find a home for extra building materials.

How to Make a Business Donation to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Has your business ever changed locations, had extra inventory or building materials left over from a project, or needed to open up space in your...

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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2020-2021.

You helped create, preserve, and promote homeownership (2020-2021 annual report)

When you shop, donate, or volunteer at ReStore, you're not just helping Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity — you're creating the transformational power...

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Chair upholstery steps.

Have a seat! Refresh an old chair with these simple steps

Guest blog by Rae Fleming, an independent blogger and DIYer in Minnesota. Let's have a seat, rest, and catch up! It's been a busy summer for me:...

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Jan on WCCO's DIY Friday.

Tips for Tiling [VIDEO]

ReStore Manager Jan Hagerman shared some tiling tips and encouragement to start your own project on a recent DIY Friday segment on WCCO. It can be...

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ReStore staff at both locations.

Robin Henrichsen new Director of ReStore

We're excited to announce that Robin Henrichsen is the new Director of ReStore Operations for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity! Robin will lead the...

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Upcycled Birdhouses.

Here are the winners of the Birdhouse Upcycle Challenge!

We are amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of the entries in our Birdhouse Upcycle Challenge. Materials were old wood, metal, plastics, and the...

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Birdhouse Upcycle Challenge at ReStore.

Join the Birdhouse Upcycle Challenge

We've had several upcycle challenges but are thrilled to announce that this next one is for the birds! Unleash your creativity and build a birdhouse...

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