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Join the Birdhouse Upcycle Challenge

Jared Laabs

We've had several upcycle challenges but are thrilled to announce that this next one is for the birds! Unleash your creativity and build a birdhouse using materials you already have or can find at ReStore. Not only will we be providing homes (for birds), but we're giving away some fantastic prizes to the top three winners!

Birdhouse Upcycle Challenge at ReStore.

  • Birdhouses due June 22

  • Voting begins June 24

  • Winners announced July 2 (on WCCO)

Voting & Prizes

One of the best parts of our upcycle challenges is that we let YOU pick the winners. All entries will be shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and a "like" or "heart" translates into a vote! The top three will then be shared on WCCO where the on-air anchors will rank the top three entries... first, second, and third place. Voting will begin June 24 (watch our social media).

  • First place winner will receive a card for 35% off their ReStore purchases, valid for an entire year.

  • Second place winner will receive a card for 20% off their ReStore purchases, valid for an entire year.

  • Third place winner will receive a card for 10% off their ReStore purchases, card valid for an entire year.

The challenge

Make an amazing birdhouse with materials you purchase at ReStore, or just use what you already have! Upcycling is about giving something a new purpose. Let your creativity run wild!

  • Sign up using the form below, then get to work on your birdhouse.

  • Bring your finished birdhouse to one of our stores by June 22, 2021.

    • Please also add a note if you want your birdhouse back after the competition or if you want us to sell it at ReStore. Proceeds support Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity's mission.


  • One entry per person. Participants must be 18 years or older to participate.

  • Participants must sign up for the competition online using the form below before June 22.

  • Participants must abide by all deadlines and tasks listed above, or their entry may be excluded from the voting and prizes awarded during the competition.

  • Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity staff may participate but are excluded from winning prizes. Don't worry, we'll still give you bragging rights!

  • Winners who receive a discount card will be the sole user. Discount cards may not be transferred or used by other individuals.

Sign up and get started!

Submissions closed: You can no longer enter the challenge.

All entries will be shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and a "like" or "heart" translates into a vote! 

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