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The ReStoration Corner

Welcome to ReStore's official blog! Here we post the latest and greatest ReStore happenings, including: DIY tips and videos, sales and contests, seasonal topics, volunteer spotlights, business donor information, and much more. 

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Volunteer Spotlight

James smiling in front of the scrap metal station at ReStore.

How James Supports ReStore by Sorting Scrap Metal

James has been a ReStore volunteer since 2020, starting just after the pandemic began. But his connection to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity goes...

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Sue volunteering at twin cities habitat for humanity restore

Why Sue Chose Volunteering in Retirement at ReStore

Retirement can leave a lot of people wondering what to do with their time. Giving back as a volunteer on a regular basis keeps you active, gives you...

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Volunteers at ReStore.

Lend a hand at ReStore

It’s been a busy time at ReStore! March was our most successful month EVER at both locations and more people are shopping for their DIY projects or...

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John Leier.

Volunteer Spotlight: John Leier [VIDEO]

"It's a great organization, and I really like all the people that I've met here." Today, John Leier is one of the volunteers making ReStore a great...

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Donna at ReStore.

Volunteer Spotlight: Donna VonLehe [VIDEO]

"It feels great working for the bigger cause of providing housing for families." Volunteer Donna VonLehe chose Habitat for Humanity ReStore from a...

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John Bagaglio.

Volunteer Spotlight: John Bagaglio [VIDEO]

“At the end of the day, I can look back and say, ‘We got stuff done at the store and ultimately helped make a difference for people in the...

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Dunwoody volunteers.

Local College Gives Back

Guest blog post by Dunwoody College students. Last month, a group of students from Dunwoody College volunteered at the ReStore in Minneapolis. Our...

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Les at the cash register.

Volunteer Spotlight: Les the Cashier

If you’re wondering what a committed volunteer looks like, look no further than Leslie Johnson. Leslie, who goes by Les, gives his time and passion...

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Hook agency employees volunteering.

Hook Agency: We Volunteer for a Couple Reasons

Guest Blogger: Bryce Hoban from Hook Agency shares their ReStore volunteer experience.First, it’s a great way to give back to the community. As a...

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Bob Prentiss.

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Prentiss Enjoying Retirement at the ReStore

Bob Prentiss has been helping Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity for decades. When he ran his own firm of investment advisors, he volunteered as a...

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