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Volunteer Spotlight: John Bagaglio [VIDEO]

“At the end of the day, I can look back and say, ‘We got stuff done at the store and ultimately helped make a difference for people in the community.’”

John Bagaglio (or "Bags," as he's known to Twin Cities Habitat) is a part-time volunteer at the New Brighton ReStore. For a few hours a day a few days a week, he helps move donated items in and out of the shop – and to hear him tell it, he's been set on it for a while.

This video was made before COVID-19. Please wear a mask and social distance when visiting the store.

"I knew I was gonna volunteer at some point," John says in our new Volunteer Spotlight video. When he visited ReStore, the enthusiasm of the volunteers, along with their mission to serve their community, left an impression on him.

After retirement, John made up his mind. "I thought, 'Yeah, this is for me. I've got to do this.'"

For John, the ability to volunteer on a schedule that works for him is crucial. "The flexibility is great," he says. Volunteer sessions can be one-time, regular, monthly, or even seasonal – whatever you’re comfortable with, there's always a need. As John says, "There's plenty to do!"

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