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Best place to buy dorm furniture...ReStore!

Best place to buy dorm furniture...ReStore!

It's back to school seasonand for college students, that often means shopping for more than pencils and notebooks. If you need to find furnishings for yourself or someone headed to college, odds are you're looking for storage, cost-effective furniture, maybe a bed frame, or even materials to make a sweet loft bed. ReStore to the rescue!

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Discounted items

If you're new to ReStore home improvement outlets, your one takeaway should be that you'll find all kinds of deals on things for your living space, whether an apartment, house, or dorm room. Individuals and businesses donate items such as furniture, building materials, and more. ReStore then sells those items to the public at a discount, and the money raised supports Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Pretty cool, right?

At a ReStore, you might find:

  • Lighting, such as pendants, flush mounts, lamps, and bulbs

  • New and used furniture like chairs, couches, bookshelves, desks, and tables of all kinds

  • Interior and exterior doors

  • Tools, hardware, and building materials

  • Items for plumbing and appliances

  • Great value paint and painting supplies like tape and brushes

  • All kinds of décor, mirrors, and interesting knick-knacks

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Make a priority list

We recommend making a list of essentials when you start shopping for a dorm room. But, be sure to leave room for fun surprises! Focus on the four Ss: sleep, store, study, and save.


This is a big one and will most likely take up the most space in your dorm. If you need to bring a bed, look for beds that can do more than one thing: sleeping, hanging out, and room for storage. Building a loft bed is always a fun idea to take things to a new level so you can maximize the space.


Storage is a necessity! You're going to need things that can be tucked away and serve more than one purpose. Look for pieces with wheels (or things you can attach wheels to). Stackable items are also a good way to utilize vertical space. Consider low-cost cabinets that can be stacked and screwed together, or cubbies. Be creative too... If you find a couple of things that can be combined, you can spray paint everything the same color so it matches. Check out our simple DIY storage solutions for ideas!


You're in a dorm because you went (or are going) to college. And you're at college to learn. Well, some of the time! Finding a small desk will be important, but you can always build something that fits your space, too. Use an old door for a work surface and some filing cabinets for legs with added storage. Check out these cool desk ideas you can easily make.


The items you take to college will get plenty of use, but you'll also want to save your money for tuition. ReStore is a great launching pad to find discounted items. You may not be able to find everything you're looking for, but saving on furniture, materials, or décor is cash in your pocket for other things (or textbooks).

Let's save even more!

ReStore is offering new Hot Deals subscribers a 10% OFF discount on your total purchase (cannot be used with red tagged items or other sales)! All you need to do is subscribe, and you'll get the coupon in your inbox. Our regular Hot Deals email shares biweekly sales, so you can continue to save all year long. Have a great school year!

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