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Thanks, but no thanks

Thanks, but no thanks

The success of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity lies greatly on the generous donations from people like you. When it comes to our ReStore home improvement outlets, your things become currency and you can feel good about how your donation transforms into good. We want to make sure that good feeling doesn’t become a frustration when dropping-off your donation, so we've providing some tips and other helpful information.

According to Robin Henrichsen, Donation Manager at the ReStore, roughly 10% of donated items are rejected for several reasons. “What would you NOT put in your own home. Think about your items that other people might want to own in their home,” Robin says. Donors can find the full Donation Guidelines on the ReStore website, but if you keep what Robin says in the back of your mind, you’ll save yourself a lot of time—and frustration.

Brass fixtures with "X"s crossing them out.

Here are a few common items that the ReStore does NOT accept:

  • Hollow core doors (Who wants a cheap door? No one)
  • Mattresses (The State of Minnesota does allow anyone to sell an old mattress)
  • Toilets (Ewe!)
  • “Shiny yellow brass” light fixtures (Not in style, therefore limited interest to purchase)
  • Mold (Obviously)
  • Rot or damage (Would you buy it?)
  • Old entertainment centers (Doesn't everyone have flat screens now?)
  • Unframed mirrors (A safety risk for the public handling inside the store)
  • Floral couches (Fun to look at… at grandma’s house)

Donation Guidelines

Twenty donations are made to the Minneapolis ReStore every day, and fifty donation drop-offs are made at New Brighton. That along with ten stops per donation pick-up truck are also made daily. Altogether, the volume is roughly two full semi-trailers every day. The increased efficiency of gathering and selling those items only helps your generosity reach further. We want to receive, price, and place items as quickly as possible. If we can prevent unsalable or damaged items from being donated, that’s saving the cost of a dumpster to haul it away. That means your donation can go straight to work building affordable homes in our community.

Fun fact: Donations to the ReStore prevent over a thousand tons of items from being thrown in a landfill every year!

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind

The ReStore sales floor is full of home improvement items that we hope you buy. Think about the season we’re currently in and what might be useful to others. We’d love to take garden supplies or your lawn mower, but not in December. No one will buy this while there is snow on the ground, and it just takes up valuable space.

We offer a free donation pick-up service for larger items that would be difficult to bring in yourself. We are unable to disassemble items or enter your home. This means you’ll need to leave it in an accessible area, often outside. “Curbside pickup” might require a tarp or weather protection on a rainy or snowy day, but also means the donor does not need to be anchored to staying at home all day. Clear email communication from the ReStore Donation Team will include two email reminders prior to your pickup.

A reward for your donation

We, of course, love getting to know repeat donors and shoppers. As a little added perk for your donation, you'll receive a receipt for your tax records that can be used for a deduction and a 20% OFF coupon for your next visit to the ReStore. If you attempt to donate an item that we don't accept, we'll give you a list of other resources you may find helpful—plus a 10% OFF coupon just for stopping by. 

 A voided 20% Off coupon for the ReStore.

There are some limitations to what we can accept, but if it has anything to do with your home or remodeling...  think Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore!


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