Donor Spotlight: Shaughnessy Flooring & Schwieters Companies

Jackie Moore

Individuals and families aren’t the only ones who donate to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore. A significant amount of ReStore’s building materials also come from business donors. Shaughnessy Flooring and Schwieters Companies have both been working with Habitat for a long time.

Shaughnessy Flooring

Shaughnessy logo and van.

Pat Shaughnessy knew about Twin Cities Habitat long before his business began donating. He has volunteered with Habitat fixing homes, and has always felt close to their mission. Donating excess stock that they’re no longer using after a job just seemed like a natural extension of that relationship.

Shaughnessy flooring specializes in quality flooring and installations for multifamily, commercial and new construction that’s been around for ten years. Making a house feel like a home is a huge part of their business – their jingle is “flooring makes the home.” Once you install carpet, your space really starts to feel like you can live in it.

They donate to ReStore about 3-4 times per year. Leftover inventory that's still good quality will be donated with the ReStore's free pickup service. Their most-donated items are vinyl and carpet flooring. Partnering with ReStore allows Shaughnessy Flooring to give back to the community and help people make their homes comfortable. The culture of their company is one of giving back, and their employees enjoy the opportunity to do outreach through their relationship with ReStore.

“Shaughnessy Flooring team members are proud to contribute flooring products to Habitat for Humanity! We appreciate how important a home is to every one of us and that is why we believe that Habitat’s mission is so vital.” – Pat Shaughnessy

Schwieters Companies

Schwieters logo and manufacturing floor.

Schwieters Companies started with the work of a trim carpenter forty years ago. Since then, it has grown from one person to a team of 150 passionate employees. Schwieters specializes in both single- and multi-family home interior work. They supply and install millwork, doors, cabinetry, and more.

They’ve been working with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity for 35 years and started donating to ReStore a few years ago. Schwieters supports Habitat’s mission wholeheartedly, and appreciates the opportunity to support it. Donating materials that would otherwise be discarded puts their products to good use. Schwieters donates approximately every six weeks, and sees their donations as a great way to support families making a home.

The benefits of partnering with ReStore have been numerous. Giving back to the community has been at the top of this list, and is something the company tries to build into the their culture. The free pickups have been an excellent perk, and they’ve always found the ReStore staff to be organized and friendly. Partnering with a nonprofit that matches their company values means a lot to them. Schwieters Companies is looking forward to many more donations in the future.

“ReStore has been a solid partner to Schwieters Companies for many years by providing ongoing opportunities to give back to the community. The team is great to work with, the donation process is organized, and the program allows us to put our material to good use while supporting Habitat’s mission.” – Carly Schwieters

Business Donations

Many Thanks to our Business Donors

"ReStore is grateful for our business donor partners and appreciate your generosity. Your donation helps to create, promote and preserve homeownership. It also helps the environment by keeping useable items out of a landfill." - Robin Henrichsen, ReStore Donations Manager

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