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[VIDEO] How to Donate to ReStore During COVID-19 (Drop-Off or Pickup)

If you're like most people spending more time at home than they used to be, you're probably starting to notice the stuff around you – old furniture and home goods, scrap materials from the last home improvement project, that kind of thing. Good news: ReStore is still open for donations!

We're still accepting donations of gently used home goods, building materials, furniture, and more during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video below or read on for easy, step-by-step instructions on what we're accepting, how to donate safely, and what to do if you can't come to ReStore to donate.

How to Donate to ReStore During COVID-19

The good news is that the donation process hasn't changed dramatically, but we have put new rules in place to protect everyone while donating.

To donate items and materials onsite at either ReStore location:

  1. Make sure we accept the items you're donating. You can find items we accept on the Donation Guidelines page. If you're still not sure, feel free to give us a call or send us a photo beforehand.

  2. Load your items into your vehicle. 

  3. Drive to your nearest ReStore. We have two Twin Cities locations: One in Minneapolis (2700 Minnehaha Avenue) and one in New Brighton (510 County Rd D West). Click here for ReStore hours of operation and directions to both stores.

  4. Put on your mask. To keep everyone safe, we require that all donors wear their mask while donating. We wear masks, so please also wear one, even in your car.

  5. Stay in your car. Someone from ReStore will come to your car to ask what items you're donating before unloading them. (Even if you can't see it, they're very glad to see you – don't worry, they're smiling under their masks!)

  6. Sit tight until the items have been unloaded from your car.

  7. Before you leave, we'll give you a donation receipt. You can use this receipt when itemizing donations on your taxes – and it's also a shopping coupon.

  8. That's it! After donating, head on into the store with your coupon and save big!

[VIDEO] How to Shop Safely at ReStore During COVID-19

Can't Bring It to Us? We'll Pick It Up

We get it – maybe your donation won't fit in your car or you're not able to get it all the way to us, like a refrigerator or a washer or a big lighting fixture. No problem! If your items meet our donation guidelines, you can request a free pickup using our ReStore Pickup Request Tool.

Here's how pickup works:

  • Make sure we accept the items you're donating. You can find most items we accept on the Donation Guidelines page. If you're still not sure, feel free to give us a call or send us a photo beforehand.

  1. Check that you're in our pickup service radius and schedule a pickup. Go to our pickup request form and enter your ZIP code to make sure it's in our service area. You'll be asked about what kind of item it is, if you can send a picture with your request, and more before selecting a day for pickup.

  2. Right before your pickup appointment, move items to the garage or driveway and clear a path. ReStore pickup drivers will not come into your home to get your donated items. To make sure they can get to the item(s) you're donating, make sure it's easily accessible in the garage or in the driveway.

  3. Look for the ReStore truck on your scheduled pickup day. If the item is already accessible, you don't need to be present for the pickup. If you won't be home, be sure to label each item you're donating "ReStore Donation" so we know which items to take.

  4. Check your email for your donation receipt. We'll send your donation receipt as soon as the item has been received and processed by your nearest ReStore. Itemize your ReStore donations on your taxes for maximum benefit!

However you donate, thank you for supporting Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

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