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Weekend Home Improvement Projects: 9 Summer Upgrades You Can Tackle On Your Own

After a long (and snowy) winter, it doesn't take much to get us thinking about summer projects. And with our weather, we don't have all that long before we have to worry about snow again, so it's important to start early and prioritize quickly.

weekend home improvement projects

We've got a short list of summer upgrades you can tackle whether you're a seasoned expert or a beginning DIYer. These projects can increase the value of your home, make it more comfortable (and attractive), and even get some of those “Honey-Do” tasks off your list! 

The best part about these projects? They're all easy on the budget! 

Spray Paint Hardware 

Let’s start off easy. Spray painting the doorknobs and other hardware in your home is a great way to update the interior. Not to mention it’s super cheap and easy. New homes are being built with faded nickel and bronze hardware, so if you’re looking to give your home a quick update, try those colors.  

Make a Mud Room 

While creating a whole new room in your home probably isn’t a weekend project, you can create an area in your entryway that can act as a mud room. Adding a bit of molding, some paint, and a few hooks to an empty wall in your foyer can create the look and usefulness of an actual mud room without forcing you to add on to your home. 

Try a Coat of Paint 

Paint really can fix just about anything and is one of the easiest summer upgrades. Painting the exterior of your home can make it look brand new and increase its curb appeal. If you don’t feel like painting your entire home, or the weather doesn’t want to cooperate, you can paint your front door and get a similar effect.  

Of course, don’t forget about the inside of your home. You can give any room a whole new look with a coat of paint in a different color. If you plan on selling your home in the future (or think you might sell soon) stick with light neutral colors like tan, gray and beige. Prospective buyers prefer neutral colors to bold and bright ones like red. 

Update Your Laundry Room 

No one likes to do laundry (admit it, you put it off too), but updating your laundry room can make doing laundry a little less mundane while adding incentive for future home buyers. You can add a folding table, wood shelving for laundry essentials and even art work to make the room a little less...annoying. 

You can also create a “Lost & Found” for those orphaned socks. All you need is some lumber, letter stencils, and clothespins and you’ll have a creative place to put those missing socks. This will also keep them out in the open so you can easily see which matching socks need to be found. 

Renovate Your Closet 

Closets are a major selling point for home buyers, and renovating your closet can seal the deal if you plan to sell in the future. Painting or adding wallpaper can give your closet a warm, inviting feel. Add shelves for extra storage if you have the space, or change up the lighting. Chandeliers in closets are trending right now. If you have a full-length mirror, you can turn it into a decorative one with a coat of paint or a new frame, making it both beautiful and functional.  

Weekend Landscaping 

When it comes to summer upgrades, landscaping is always at the top of the list. Changing up the plants around your home can be like a fresh coat of paint, giving your home curb appeal and a fresh new look. You can simply manicure your lawn, or you can plant a tree. If it's well-placed, it could even decrease your energy bill by providing extra shade. You can also line the walkway to your front door with solar lights or colorful flowers for an eye-popping accent.  

Update Interior Doors 

Interior doors are often forgotten when doing home renovations. You can replace them all with new doors, but that can be expensive. A cheaper way of getting the same effect is to use paint and trimming to create the illusion of a new door. As mentioned before, you can change or spray paint the hardware to match the updated look. 

Frame Your Bathroom Mirrors 

You can turn a dull, boring bathroom mirror into a decorative piece of art by framing it. Adding simple wood trim around a rectangular mirror is a safe and easy way to update your entire bathroom. You can also replace the mirror, but be careful. A broken mirror can easily end up as a trip to the emergency room (or seven years of bad luck).  

Install New Door Hardware

Whether it’s for added safety or just to freshen up your doors, adding a new doorknob and deadbolt is an easy way to update your home - and it doesn’t take very long, either!

Watch a video where DIY expert, Amy Matthews, breaks down how to install a doorknob.

You can find everything you need for these summer upgrades at the Twin Cities Habitat ReStore. Stop by today to pick up supplies for your next DIY project, or just to get some inspiration for future projects! 

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