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5 DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas

5 DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas

When you’re considering which room to make over for your next DIY project, your bedroom might not be the first place you consider. After all, most guests will rarely see it. But you will! In fact, it’s proven that you spend a good portion of your time at home in your bedroom. Some say nearly one-third of your time. Your bedroom is your hub of rest and relaxation. So, it only makes sense that creating a bedroom space of calm and serenity is crucial to your overall well-being.
Creating that oasis by making over your bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially when you shop at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Consider some of the following examples of simple and cost-efficient ways to add personality to your space while creating a tranquil, daily getaway – all on your own.

Start with the Color Scheme

Shelves of paint at ReStore.Selecting a fresh paint color for your bedroom walls is the best place to start. The color you pick should create a sense of peace when you enter the room. Colors that are calming and soothing usually work best in the bedroom. Such colors include various shades of neutrals and pastels. If being a little bit edgier with your color choice is something you’d prefer, try adding an accent wall using wallpaper, to keep you from feeling boxed in by walls that are all the same color. 

Finding paint at ReStore is easier than you might think. Inexpensive interior paint is always available. A vast selection of color options awaits, along with all the necessary supplies!

Provide Shelving Options with a Creative FlareNew Brighton ReStore shelves.

At ReStore you will also find the raw materials you need to make shelving masterpieces. Lumber, live edge wood, dresser drawers, wood shutters, and other donated materials can help to create shelving that’s unique and makes a bold statement. It’s also a great way to store artwork, display your plants, house your favorite books for evening reading, show off your favorite family portraits, and more!

Get Crafty with Storage

While your bedroom is a place of rest and tranquility, it’s also a place in need of decent storage, especially for your clothing. Ever consider storing your shoes in a tray? You can! Many typical items found at ReStore can serve brand new purposes with a little out-of-the-box thinking and a fresh perspective. 

In a bedroom, clothing is a large part of the storage need. Aside from the traditional dresser and closet shoe rack, putting a creative spin on items used traditionally in other areas of the home can really make your bedroom stand out. 

Using trays of different shapes and sizes as storage bins on a shoe rack is a great way to keep your shoes neat and tidy. Or, repurposing a stand-alone cabinet with glass doors, usually utilized in an office or kitchen, is another neat way to add character to a bland space. And, if you don’t want to see what you’re storing, grab some of your favorite fabric or wallpaper strips to cover the glass. This adds an extra touch of design and color to your space. Finding such a piece just takes a little shopping and a bit of imagination!

Update Your Headboard with a Unique AlternativeDIY Headboard with string lights, made out of a wood pallet.

Getting back to relaxation, your bed is your room’s focal point. Most specifically, your bed’s headboard. But whoever said a headboard had to be made of a board? Many items have the potential to be the perfect DIY “faux” headboard. For example, room dividers are just the right size to fit behind your mattress. These come in many different decorative options. You might even consider painting the one you find to fit your room’s new color scheme.

A sunburst-shaped mirror at ReStore.Add Warmth with Accent Items

Hints of creativity throughout your bedroom can put the final touch on your self-made relaxation oasis. From decorative pillows and throws to a unique piece of art or quirky mirror, small and one-of-a-kind finds can really make your makeover project a winner.

Shop at either ReStore location to find the perfect items for your bedroom makeover. And make sure to visit the ReStore DIY Headquarters page for guides and professional tips for your next DIY project!



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