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Your Questions, Answered: Pricing

Your Questions, Answered: Pricing

If you've ever stopped by ReStore in Minneapolis or New Brighton, you've probably noticed a range of prices and deals on a variety of items. We're proud to offer something for everyone at ReStore, and we don't pick prices at random. Read on to learn more about how we decide to price our inventory.

When we price items, we rely on the expertise of our managers (who each have nearly a decade of ReStore experience) and the collective knowledge of our entire team. Since we value and respect each donation, we take time to find a fair price. We consider baseline prices, retail prices, supply and demand, availability, quantity, and more.

brown couchLet's consider a door as an example. The baseline, average price for a standard door might be $40, so we start there. Then we start asking questions. Is the door shorter or taller than normal? Is it scuffed up or in great condition? A brand new cherry wood door that comes with a jamb could retail for $325, so we might set a price of $125. Or how about a couch? Our average price for a sofa is $95, but a well-loved loveseat won't be the same price as a leather sectional. How much above or below the baseline we go is based on an evaluation of the item's brand, size, condition, and value. We also take into consideration if something is name brand but used—or new but not name brand.

Prices aren't left up to managers alone. We walk all new employees through the pricing process, and we share what we've learned with each other. Through hands-on training, ReStore staff learn to compare items and evaluate what they are worth. Sometimes, with especially unique items, we check eBay or other secondhand retailers to see what these product sell for in other places.

Doors at ReStore

When you shop at ReStore, you can rest assured that a lot of thought and effort went into the price you see on each item. We want shoppers to get the best deals, and we want Twin Cities Habitat to get the best support. This intentionality goes into everything we do at ReStore. Plus, there are other ways for shoppers to save: sign up for Hot Deals emails or VIP texts, or get a 20% off coupon when you donate!

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