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The Impact of Your Purchase

The Impact of Your Purchase

When you shop at ReStore, you're giving the gift of home. That's because sales from our two stores help build several Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity homes each year! Last year alone, 70,490 ReStore shoppers helped build five Habitat homes. Each time you make a purchase, you're supporting local families—families like Brittany's.

Brittany and her son Ayden in front of their home

As a single mother, Brittany thought she'd never be able to attain her dream of becoming a homeowner. But that changed when she learned about Habitat's homeownership program and started working with her advisor. Brittany closed on a home from the open market, and she and her son, Ayden, moved to St. Louis Park in 2019.

“I am just so grateful to Habitat and all of the employees, volunteers, and donors that have been able to make this happen for my son and me. We are first generation homeowners and I am now in the process of guiding my brother to homeownership through Habitat," she said. "My son and I now have a place we can forever call home and that affects us in more ways than you can imagine.”

Ayden smiling

And for Ayden, who was nine when they moved, having a home has positively impacted his education: “I don't have to ever worry about having to move again. I can relax knowing I have space to grow and do all of my schoolwork and random projects. I can use the space to explore my curiosity. I can even yell as loud as I want! I have a place to call home and I feel like I am more a part of a supportive community which helps me embrace my education.”

Here are some of the ways your purchase makes an impact:

  • Upgrading your dining set for $250 installs a welcoming front sidewalk for a family's home.

  • Purchasing $100 of paint for your house helps one Habitat homebuyer go through all the classes that prepare them for homeownership.

  • Purchasing a $50 dresser for your bedroom covers the cost of paint for a child's new bedroom.

  • When you spend $1,000 to remodel your kitchen, you provide interior doors for an entire Habitat home.

items at ReStore: dining set, paint, sinks, and cabinets

Not only does shopping at ReStore allow you to affordably decorate or upgrade your home—you also help your neighbors. When you give the gift of home, you also give the gift of hope. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Looking for stocking stuffers, home décor, or building materials? Stop by a ReStore location in New Brighton or Minneapolis this holiday season.

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