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ReStore Joins Hennepin County's Salvage Crawl

ReStore Joins Hennepin County's Salvage Crawl

May is National Home Improvement Month, and Hennepin County is hosting its second annual Salvage Crawl! This month-long event encourages people to buy used building materials for their home improvement projects instead of buying new. After all, the greenest building material is the one that already exists. Visit ReStore and other participating salvage retailers from May 1 - 31, 2024, to be entered to win one of five prizes.

Why used building materials?


The cost of building materials has skyrocketed over the last few years, and buying used items can certainly have a positive impact on your wallet. But these items cost more than just dollars and cents. The energy and natural resources required to manufacture and transport building materials, referred to as “embodied emissions,” are responsible for about 13% of annual global carbon emissions. Opting for used building materials instead of buying new reduces these emissions and also prevents valuable materials from going to a landfill.

There’s a beneficial “ripple effect” when choosing to buy salvaged materials instead of new ones. It sends a message that those products are valuable and can spur demand for used materials and soften demand for new materials, which means fewer carbon emissions in the first place.

ReStore is proud to participate in Hennepin County’s Salvage Crawl. Our donors, shoppers, and volunteers keep nearly four million pounds of materials from landfills each year. Manager Jan Hagerman often comments about the ripple effect our individual choices can have in the larger world. "It may not seem like a big deal, but something little you do can be huge for someone else," she comments. "If you think, 'Well, I'm just one person…' Yes, you are! And you can make a difference only you can make."

Before and after images of a refurbished dresser.

Finally, used materials can bring unique character and one-of-a-kind style to a project. Whether it’s a small DIY craft, a larger remodel, or an entirely new build, taking advantage of used materials can bring a whole new level of creativity to a project. 

How to Participate in the Salvage Crawl

Enter Into a Drawing:

  1. Visit one (or more!) of the participating salvage retailers listed below – the more retailers you visit between May 1 and May 31, the greater your chance of winning!
  2. Scan to enter – Find Hennepin County’s Salvage Crawl poster near the checkout counter, scan the QR code, and enter your information for a chance to win.


  • First place prize (one available): $100 gift card to a participating retailer

  • Second place prizes (four available): $50 gift card to a participating retailer OR one-year basic individual membership to the Minnesota Tool Library ($55 value)

  • Surprise prizes will also be given throughout the Salvage Crawl.

What You'll Find at ReStore

Selection of paint supplies on shelves.

ReStore is all about reuse, recycle, upcycle, and DIY. Our locations in Minneapolis and New Brighton have sections dedicated to tools and hardware, lumber, tile and flooring, doors and windows, paint, lawn and garden, furniture, appliances, home décor, and more. Visit ReStore if you're looking for specific tools or materials. We're also a great place to visit if you're looking for inspiration, because inventory changes all the time!

After you're done with your home improvement project, keep ReStore in mind for donating your leftover materials or items you might not need anymore. We're happy to give things a second or third life to keep them out of landfills. We offer multiple donation options: you can drop off your items, schedule a free pickup, or schedule a priority pickup. 

List of Participating Retailers

Below are the retailers participating in Hennepin County's Salvage Crawl; click here to view the interactive map

  • Architectural Antiques
  • Art & Architecture
  • Bauer Brothers Salvage
  • Better Futures MN
  • City Salvage
  • Furnish Office & Home
  • ReStore – Minneapolis
  • ReStore – New Brighton
  • Historic Stone Co
  • LumberStash
  • MN Tool Library
  • Wood from the Hood

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