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Discover Simple Ways to Brighten a Room [VIDEO]

Discover Simple Ways to Brighten a Room [VIDEO]

We’re in that unique time of year between the rush of the holiday season and the delights of spring. Though the days are slowly getting longer, it’s still pretty brown and gray outside, and sometimes brightening up a room can brighten your own spirits.

New Brighton ReStore Manager Jan Hagerman recently shared some simple and inexpensive ways you can brighten up any room when you visit a thrift store. “You can spend under $100 and you can totally change how your living space looks,” Jan says. “It’s gonna get you through March/April.”

Top Tips to Brighten a Room 

A few simple, inexpensive items can go a long way to freshening up any room in your house. Check out our top suggestions, as well as examples of items you can find at ReStore.

  • Mirrors – Mirrors reflect natural light, helping brighten up rooms during the day. Once the sun goes down, put a mirror behind a table lamp to double the effect.

  • Rugs – Maybe you already have a carpeted living room or office. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a colorful rug to the mix. Having a rug is like adding art to your floor!

  • Lamps – This may seem obvious: brighten a room by literally adding more light! Get a small table lamp or get a new overhead light fixture. 

  • Throw pillows and blankets – Not only do they make a room cozier, the right throw pillow or blanket can add a splash of color to any space that’s starting to feel dull. (Note: pillows and blankets are not available at ReStore outlets.)

  • Plants – The surest sign of spring is greenery; why not add that emerald color to your home right now? Keep plastic or rubber plants out of landfills, and instead add one to your room. You may fine a fake plant at ReStore, though there is not an on-going selection. Opt for a real plant to bring humidity into a room and help keep it from getting too dry.

Look at some of the colorful items that have been found at ReStore, from bold colors to floral patterns to eccentric designs. Remember, inventory changes daily, so make a point to come into either our Minneapolis or New Brighton outlet (or both!) to see the current stock.

Floral sofa chair for $35.

Green and orange lamp for $35.

Two rugs - one floral and one striped, both in warm earth tones..

Selection of wall mirrors.

Table lamp with floral shade for $15.

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