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Open a new door at ReStore [VIDEO]

Jan Hagerman, ReStore Assistant Manager, shared some great tips about doors and door knobs on a recent DIY Friday segment on WCCO. Take a quick peek, then head on over to ReStore to see what's currently available in our ever-changing selection of inventory.

Want more detail? We have you covered! 

If you're wanting to upcycle old doors in a new and creative way, check out our blog post with these amazing and fun projects. There are plenty of ways to prevent items from being thrown into a landfill. You'll also want to view the videos below for step-by-step instruction.

Installing a door knob [VIDEO]

Door knob installation.If you’ve never installed a door knob before, it can be a bit of a daunting task. But, with a little help from Home Improvement Expert Amy Matthews, you can do it in no time! 

Watch video here >


Installing an exterior door [VIDEO]

Amy Matthews.When building a house, one of the most important next-steps after pouring the foundation and constructing the walls, is to install the exterior door. In her DIY video, Home Improvement Expert Amy Matthews walks through the process of installing both a door and its frame into a new wall.

Watch video here >



Do you have extra building materials, tools that will never be used, or furniture in good condition? Let ReStore pick it up for free! And best of all, donations are tax deductible.


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