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Why we love the ReStore (from the mouths of ReStore shoppers)

Why we love the ReStore (from the mouths of ReStore shoppers)

As we draw closer to Valentine's Day, a holiday dedicated to celebrating those we love, the team wanted to share and reflect on some of the great feedback we've received from ReStore shoppers. Thank you for taking the time to tell us why you love Twin Cities Habitat ReStore outlets!


Google review. Kelly Gaspard: This place is so much fun to shop at. Don't go looking for something specific but if you have an idea of what you may need, there's a chance they'll have it. New and old items. Lots of tools, doors, windows, lighting, and everything in between. The volunteers are so nice and helpful. Bring a load of stuff to donate then stop in and see what you can get to replace what you donated. Don't be afraid to get your hands in there and dig deep. That's where you'll find the hidden treasures!

Google review. Mike Johnson: Great place. They have a lot of different lightly-used items at great prices. The employees and volunteers are awesome.

Google review. Avis Thomas: Great place to give away your old home stuff, or to pick up good deals. A non-profit.

Google review. Dennis Stachowski: Friendly staff and a lot of building supplies at discounted prices.

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Facebook review. Cailin Rogers: Love the Restore! Best place to get supplies for a remodel.

Facebook review. Marie Morgan-Roth: Absolutely recommend TWC Habitat for Humanity Restore!

Facebook review. Rachael Long: I am in love with Restore. I found out about it on a whim and it has honestly been one of my top places to visit while I furnish my house. If you are willing to check back semi-frequently you are always going to find something great. Some pieces might need minor TLC or someone with a knowledge of tools to get it back in shape, but it is worth it. I have two couches from this trip totaling $100 spent, all my lighting for a 2500 square-foot house for under $130 (all I needed was a little spray paint), and so much more! There is no reason to go out and spend extra on new things, when Restore truly provides great stuff at affordable prices. You can always give it the love and color you need to make it yours in your home!


And when we polled Facebook & Twitter fans about why they love ReStore...

Facebook comments. Cailin Rogers: The Restore sparks creativity, has the best prices, has a continually rotating stock, has wonderful staff with great ideas, is a community of DIY-ers. Diane Peterson: I have shopped at Restore for a few years now, love it. I am now directing my grandson who just bought his first home to try it out. Lara Verrecchio Villavaso: Great opportunity to build or create something from items that might be cost-prohibitive at a big box store. Kathy Mullaney Lindaas: ReStore Remarkable! Michele Tijburg Smith: Finding great deals, keeping stuff out of the landfill, giving new life to wonderful finds.

Facebook comments. Janis Eagan: Because I'm cheap! Vicki Oslin: Habitat Restore Outlets always have things I had forgotten I can't live without. Christine Miller: Restore helps us accomplish our remodeling dreams sooner than it would be possible without Restore. Thanks. Mary Seman: For all the reasons!

Twitter review. User SLWill: So many inexpensive good finds...duh.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our shoppers, donors, volunteers, and community partners that help spread the love and let friends, family, and fellow businesses know about Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore outlets. We appreciate your support!


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