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ReStore projects bring joy

ReStore projects bring joy

Gayle and her husband Bill have been loyal ReStore shoppers for over eight years now.

"I’ve always been someone who enjoyed repurposing things, so I originally came out to see what the store was all about," Gayle said.  "It’s very organized and clean, and there’s so much variety. I’ve always felt like this was a place that was a really good fit for me. That’s why I come back over and over again!"

Gayle's remodeled cabin.

Gayle says that she and Bill regularly visit the store two or three times each month (or once a week, if they’re working on a project). The pair has purchased light fixtures, kitchen cabinet sets, bathroom materials, tile, carpet, door hardware, and furniture from the store.

"I’ve found some really beautiful vintage pieces here. In a pile or hanging in a commercial space at the store, it’s sometimes hard to imagine, but you take them and put them in a space and they just become like jewels!"

Gayle's remodeled kitchen.

Gayle says that all of her ReStore projects bring her joy, but her favorite was the family cabin. Gayle found brand new windows at the store and designed the entire cabin around them. The couple also used sinks, lighting, window, and kitchen cabinetry from ReStore.

"It’s fun, because now I have older children who are starting their own projects. My daughter was just here and picked out tile for her bathroom project! I’m sure the ReStore tradition will continue for a long time."

*Photos courtesy of Gayle and Bill

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Watch shoppers Gayle and Julie (and ReStore staff member Bill) tell you what ReStore is all about in this video:


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