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Tips for Shopping for Big Items

Tips for Shopping for Big Items

Looking to upgrade your couch, dining room table, or bookshelf? Maybe you're searching for the perfect statement piece or some patio furniture, or even an item for your next DIY project. Chances are, you might find what you're looking for at ReStore! But finding the perfect piece is only half of the process—you'll still need to get your purchase home. Before you come to one of our locations in Minneapolis or New Brighton, make sure you read our tips for shopping for and picking up big items. There are three things you'll want to measure before you make a purchase:

Measure Your Space

When you start shopping, it's important to know what can fit in your space. Before you come to ReStore, take some time to measure your dining room, living room, or other space. Then you can shop confidently at ReStore without second-guessing if your dream couch is too big for your home. (If you need a tape measure, you can usually find those at ReStore, too!)

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Measure Your Vehicle

You may find a large item that's just the right size for your room, but you'll also need to move your purchase from ReStore to your home. If you have a vehicle, measuring will help you decide what transportation option is best. Start by putting the seats down, if possible, and taking out any extra items. Next, measure the width, height, and depth. If you think your vehicle is too small for the item you want to buy, keep reading for some other options you can consider.

Measure the Item

After you've measured your space and your vehicle, head over to ReStore with your trusty tape measureyou'll also want to measure once you start shopping. Make sure to measure the item you're thinking about purchasing. This seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget once you see that couch in the perfect color or a vintage table with potential. This will ensure your item can fit in your space, and it will also help you decide how to get your purchase home. If the item can fit in your vehicle, great! You're all set. However, if it's too large, you'll need to come up with another plan. Here are some other options:

  • Disassemble the item: You may be able to take apart some pieces, like tables. This can make it easier to fit your purchase in a vehicle—and also make it easier to bring your item inside.
  • Phone a friend: Maybe you have a friend, family member, or neighbor with a larger vehicle. Ask them if you can borrow their truck, or ask them to help you pick up your purchase.
  • Rent a truck: You can also consider renting a truck to move your large item. Most truck rental companies have a variety of vehicle options and rates. Renting a vehicle isn't free, of course, but it may be worth it for peace of mind and convenience.

Picking Up Your Item

Have you measured, browsed ReStore, and found the perfect item? Great! Keep in mind that items can be put on hold for two hours without payment. This gives you time to make a pickup plan, think about what you're looking for, or do some last-minute measuring. Need time to coordinate a truck rental or other logistics? You can also keep purchased items at ReStore for up to three days.

Shop and Save at ReStore

When you shop at ReStore, you're supporting the mission of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and helping create affordable homeownership. But you're also getting a deal on new and used items. Want to save even more? Sign up for our Hot Deals emails to get the latest sale details.

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