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The Joy of Volunteering

Christy Ohlrogge

If you walk into the Minneapolis ReStore on any given Wednesday, there's a good chance you could see Regular Volunteer, Paul H. pop out on the floor from time to time. Paul is known for his enthusiasm toward ReStore and Habitat's mission - and can often be found singing great tunes. He even makes his own versions themed after our ReStore!

Paul came to us for his regular service after having close ties for 15 years as a Habitat committee leader during his work at Securian Financial. "I've always enjoyed building and the mission at Habitat... and my favorite part was framing - because you can see an instant difference."

Paul also found over the years that he loved home dedications and the food. He particularly enjoys Ethiopian food, but says that some of the best foods he has tried have come from the Horn of Africa.

After leaving his former position, Paul concluded that he wanted something satisfying to do in his free time. He decided to bring change in the community through volunteering at the Minneapolis ReStore.

Most often, you'll find Paul in the back of the ReStore taking apart any damaged furniture and finding new ways to recycle it. He pulls lighting out of items and fixes them up for re-use as well. He does a lot of cleaning to make sure that products are ready to go when customers find what they are looking for.

Paul and volunteers at a Global Village build.

Paul's efforts to do so contribute to the impressive recycling work that ReStore does. He may not get to see this difference directly like framing and raising walls, but that (not seeing recyclable goods along the street) is the best part! Contributing to the prevention of environmental damage is one of the many benefits to volunteering with ReStore. Plus, you get to help fund affordable housing for families in your community. It's a win-win.

Our Assistant Manager of ReStore, Gary, agrees and says "Paul is very dedicated, caring and thorough.  He always tries to make sure we can get as much money as we can for items we are selling and always checks in with staff on other things he can do."

Anyone who watches Paul work would get a feel for his commitment to the mission of both Habitat and its ReStores. Above that, you will find joy in meaningful contribution and seeing hard work pay off.

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