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Volunteer Designs a Unique Donation to Habitat's Newest ReStore

Volunteer Designs a Unique Donation to Habitat's Newest ReStore
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ReStore storefront.Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity's Senior Operations Manager Pete O'Keefe spent several years working at Target. His job was to remove and recycle or resell as much as he could from stores Target was building or remodeling. The position gave him an understanding of how Habitat ReStores worked, and a great network of professionals to call on to support ReStore operations. Pete was particularly effective at leveraging his relationships to help him put together Habitat’s newest ReStore. One of those relationships was with David Floersch.

David, a former Senior Manager of Store Design and Development of retail sales fixtures for Target stepped forward to help design fixtures and systems for the new location. As the holder of 18 patents focused on retail fixtures, David proved to be very creative and inventive. He also proved adept at leveraging his own professional relationships.

The new custom register area.Among his many projects, David developed a unique idea for a large, U-shaped register area that he put together with old doors and new Lozier gondola systems (rack displays). The register setup allows for great workflow, and direct sightlines throughout the store. In addition, the Loziers allow for product displays at the register, which will hopefully increase impulse sales. It was creative and thrifty, and on the first day the new store was open, the designed proved to be very effective.  

David also custom-designed a system of cabinets for maximizing the number of wall sconce lighting fixtures ReStore could display. The design was simple, but this time, David leveraged his professional network to get the cabinets built. He reached out to Mark Call, the General Manager at Bishop Fixture & Millwork in Balsam Lake, WI to see if they would consider donating two of the cabinets to the new ReStore in South Minneapolis

Cabinet with sconces.David and Mark went back and forth on design and construction ideas. Finally, after three weeks of discussion, Bishop Fixtures agreed to manufacture them in their wood shop. Bishop used leftover materials, which fit right in with ReStore’s mission of recycling, repurposing, and keeping good, but unneeded, materials out of landfills. To make their gift to ReStore even better, they finished the cabinets early and delivered them for free! 

The support of skilled volunteers like David, and the generosity of businesses across the Midwest, like Bishop Fixtures, highlight the great community of support Habitat and ReStore have. More importantly, they are a model that demonstrates how partnerships between businesses and nonprofits can multiply their impact in the community.

Twin Cities Habitat believes that EVERYONE deserves a decent place to live. We also believe that EVERY volunteer and supporter makes a difference. David and Bishop Fixtures are just two of the dozens of great partnerships between Habitat, ReStore, and the business community. Shop, Donate, Volunteer at ReStore.

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