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ReStore is Having Some DIY Fun at the Minnesota State Fair

Guest Blogger

Corn dogs, mini-donuts, and…  DIY tips? You can get all of them at the Great Minnesota Get Together — if you go to the State Fair today.  

state fair corn dog stand and ferris wheel.png

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s DIY expert, Jan Hagerman won’t have anything on a stick, but she will have some great DIY tips when she appears at the Minnesota Eco Experience from 10:00am-2:30pm Thursday, 8/31.

Jan will be part of the ReUSE Minnesota exhibit, demonstrating one of her favorite DIY projects, turning an old cabinet door into a breakfast tray. She’s pulled about a half-dozen different doors, in order to demonstrate various techniques.

breakfast tray DIY video on wcco.jpgWhat to Expect

“Some of the trays will have legs, from railing spindles or old door knobs,” she says. “I will be tiling some as well as stenciling and doing basic chalk paint, walking people through all aspects of the project throughout the time slot.”

If you’re wondering what the finished products will look like, Jan made similar breakfast trays recently on WCCO-TV.

Reduce and Reuse

Jan is appearing as part of our partnership with ReUSE Minnesota, an association focused on bringing visibility to the reuse, rental and repair sector. Their vision is a strong Minnesota reuse economy that leads the nation in documented environmental benefits through the intentional actions of committed individuals and institutions.  

The ReUSE Minnesota booth is in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle area of the Eco Experience building this year at the State Fair. Their booth has daily demonstrations of reuse and repair techniques, all part of the commitment to the circular economy of reuse. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

DIY Project Instructions

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