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5 Easy Fall Decor DIY Projects

Becky Engen

Now that we've entered the first official week of fall, we wanted to share some fun seasonal-inspired DIY projects you can complete using items from Habitat for Humanity ReStore outlets. Best of all, these projects are simple, inexpensive, and completely customizable to fit your home and style! 

1. Fall Baskets

Grab a simple basket and fill it festive fall items like leaves, pine cones, small pumpkins, potpourri— whatever reminds you of fall!


P1710963 pinterest basket


2. Repurpose Mirror Project

Purchasing an old, used mirror not only gives this project a vintage feel, but also keeps it affordable! Make your new sign fit your home by changing up the message and colors.

P1710964 mirror project

3. Lamp shade makeover

A little burlap and some fall-colored felt flowers or leaves make for a quick makeover DIY project! You can even buy a lamp shade from the ReStore to decorate, if you're worried about ruining your existing shade.

lamp shade burlap shade


4. Festive Fall Birdhouse

This project brings the feel of the season outdoors to the birds! Whether you paint yours like a pumpkin, or add leaves, twigs, and pinecones, this is a fun DIY project and it's family-friendly, too! 

birdhouses fall birdhouse

5. DIY Fall-Inspired Signs

Take your favorite fall slogan or saying, and inscribe it on a cabinet door. Best of all, you can pick the size, colors, and sayings to make sure it matches your home and your style!

P1710974 12 fall diy signs


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