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How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint [VIDEO]

Chalk paint is really popular, but it's also pretty expensive. Unless you know Jan Hagerman from Twin Cities Habitat ReStore. Jan has a special DIY project to show how to make your own chalk pant in this edition of Restoration Corner.  

How to Make Your Own Chalk Paint

What is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a really popular product and a really easy technique to use for DIY projects, but the paint can be expensive. A small jar can cost $25 or $30 at a craft store. But you can make it yourself.

How is Chalk Paint Made?

Take a couple tablespoons of Plaster of Paris and a couple tablespoons of water and mix it up until it's about the consistency of pudding. Then add about a cup of paint and mix it together. Use a resealable jar, because it dries really quickly — which is actually one of the benefits of chalk paint. 

If it gets too thick, you can add water to thin it down. And when you're not using it, just seal up the jar and wrap up the brush in plastic wrap until you're ready to paint again. 

What Can You Do With Chalk Paint?

The best thing about chalk paint is that the prep time for painting an old piece of furniture is virtually nothing. You can paint right over the old finish. You are going to want to clean it a bit with soapy water or TSP. But chalk paint dries quickly and is ready to go in no time.

Any piece of furniture you have laying around, you can update it, give it a new life, make it yours. If you're looking for a piece of furniture, come to ReStore. We always have really unique things, and just about everything you need for this DIY project you can get at ReStore. 

DIY Project Instructions


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