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Make Winter Warmer, Safer, and Cheaper [VIDEO]

We may have started a new year, but the cold weather hasn't changed! Start 2023 by making the rest of this winter warmer, safer, and cheaper. ReStore Manager Jan Hagerman shares her best tips and tricks for making the most of the colder months.

At the WCCO studio for DIY Friday, Jan explains simple ways to save money and stay cozy:

  • Change your furnace filter

  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working and change the batteries

  • Make your own deicer to for your vehicle

  • Change the direction of your ceiling fans so the warm air goes down

  • Make your own boot warmers using rice and socks

  • Keep heat inside (and keep heating costs down) by using window kits or bubble wrap as insulation

  • Simmer a pot of water with essential oils or spices for pleasant scents throughout your home

Whether you love winter or can't wait for spring to come, Jan's recommendations will help you stay safe and warm and save a few bucks.

Learn from Jan:

ReStore is here to help your DIY! Stop by to look for window kits, home furnishings, and more.

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