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How to Make the Most of Almost Everything [VIDEO]

What do you do when you end up with a lot of the same item or materials? Well, as ReStore's Jan Hagerman demonstrates, a little creativity goes a long way.

ReStore receives donations from individuals and corporate donors, and proceeds from the sales of donated items support local families. So, when a business donor gave ReStore more than 200 wooden blocks, the staff was determined to find a variety of unique uses for the donation.

"There's a way to use almost everything you accrue," said Jan. At the WCCO studio for DIY Friday, she shared three innovative uses for those square wooden blocks. Watch as Jan makes two kinds of candle holders and a modern-style lamp stand! Using a drill with a spade bit and a simple lamp kit, she transformed the blocks into useful, tasteful home décor.

Learn with Jan:

Feeling inspired?

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Topics: Tips and Tricks, DIY Friday, 2023