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The ReStoration Corner

Here are the TOP FIVE areas you should SPRING into action

Posted by ReStore Staff on May 16, 2019 10:05:54 AM

It’s mid-May and it finally feels like Spring. Here are the top five areas you should focus on to get your home ready for the best weather of the year.

Living Room:

living roomClean your room top to bottom. Dust, vacuum, clean the windows and screens. Move furniture in or out and create a new look for your space.

Add a pop of color with new throw pillows or art, and bring in at least one living element, such as flowers or a house plant. Read more about cheap ways to give your room a whole new look.

Bedrooms and Closets:

chest of drawersClean out the clutter and transition from winter to summer. You can transform the room by changing the color of the bedding, accent décor, or artwork. Do you have a cluttered closet? Here's a helpful tip to help you downsize your wardrobe: turn all of your hangers backwards. When you wear and wash an item, put it back the normal way. After six months, you'll clearly see what you regularly wear and what you don't wear. Only keep items that spark joy, then donate the rest.

Bring in some style and storage by refinishing or painting shelves or a chest of drawers. With a bit of work and some creativity, you'll have a place for your stuff that looks great.


Clean and organize the space—clean out the fridge and wipe down the shelves. Take a few minutes to organize that junk drawer, and match lids with storage containers. Wipe off shelves and do an expiration date check on non-perishable food items. Add a pop of color with new towels, rugs, or pinterest-inspired accessories.

Patio, Deck or Outdoor Space:

Get out the patio furniture, and give it a good wash. Bring out your pots and fill them up with plants to bring some beauty to your space. Consider adding perennials or herbs instead of annual flowers. A small herb garden can be brought indoors in the winter and provide some freshness to your cooking.


Clean and organize the space. Create extra floor space by adding cabinets to a wall. It's great for keeping tools, and lawn and garden items put away and organized. Buy or make a yard tool organizer that can be hung on the wall to maximize floor space and parking.

When you're done cleaning and organizing:

Make piles or tag larger items. Determine which items that still spark joy (items to keep), and what can be donated, tossed, or recycled.

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