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DIY with ReStore: Easy-to-Make Cubbies [VIDEO]

Posted by ReStore Staff on Nov 16, 2017 1:08:00 PM

If you've got a dorm room, kids room, or maybe a studio that could use some extra storage, cubbies might be just the solution you're looking for.

In this video, our own Jan Hagerman with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore shares just how easy it is to make them yourself.


Here are the Steps

First, take some particle board shelving, cut them down to ensure they are all the same size for even cubbie walls, then screw them together. (If you want to skip the hassle of measuring and cutting the particle boards yourself, pick them up at the ReStore. We'll have the right size for you!)

If you're planning to paint your cubbies, we recommend a coat of primer first to get you started. Then, paint them whatever color you wish —solid white, a fun color, maybe you even want to do some stenciling if you're feeling creative? We'll leave the personalization up to you.

Let the paint dry for a week or so before you set the cubbies together to prevent them from sticking together. Then, voilà!

Get Your Supplies

Everything needed for these easy-to-make cubbies – the paint, brushes, fasteners, boards – you can get at either of our ReStore locations in South Minneapolis or New Brighton. Stop by during regular business hours and our team can point you in the right direction!

DIY Project Instructions

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