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Easy kid desk ideas

Jared Laabs

As another school year begins, it's easy to buy supplies, a new backpack, and hope for the best. But this year, you might want to consider spending a little more time on organizing your work space. Odds are you, or your kids, will be spending a bit more time at home this fall.

Along with a little DIY inspiration below, you can join the ReStore virtual Workspace Upcycle Challenge. You can also subscribe to our blog on this page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ideas throughout the year. Let's dive in!

Build something for your space

Take raw materials and build it to fit the exact space you have. If starting from scratch doesn't intimidate you, let your imagination run wild. Maybe your child is really interested in a particular subject—brainstorm themes and make something whimsical.

Make sure to include a flat surface for writing, crafting, and of course, a space for a tablet or computer.


Make a desk that goes away

You might have heard of a Murphy bed, but why not a Murphy desk? Essentially it's a flat surface, some hinges and brace. You could pull apart an old table or build something from lumber. You may also want to shop clearance items at ReStore to get started. You can always find something rectangular, then sand and stain it. You could paint it a fun color too.


Go Industrial

Using pipes can be an interesting way to build a base of a desk or add additional shelves. This can help you utilize vertical space plus keep things organized. Add extra horizontal pipes to easily hang things to keep items tidy, yet in sight and easily accessible. Many kitchen storage systems have hooks and containers systems. Or better yet, make your own.

Here is another example of metal pipes where they were painted a fun color.


Messy room, no problem

We've all had to do it at one time or another, but when you or your kids are on a video call, everyone can see you and the room you're in. Grab some PVC and make a backdrop for privacy. You can hang a plain bed sheet for a simple background or take it to the next level by tie dyeing it or adding extra decoration based on personal interests. 


What other ideas do you have?

Share your comments below or share photos with us on social media. We love seeing what you come up with. 

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