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Business Donor Spotlight: Presbyterian Homes & Services

Business Donor Spotlight: Presbyterian Homes & Services

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Presbyterian Homes & Services (PHS) have something in common: building community through housing. A budding partnership between PHS and ReStore means both further their unique impacts.

Founded in 1955, PHS currently offers 60 senior living communities in the Twin Cities metro area, outstate Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. PHS’ mission is to "honor God by enriching the lives and touching the hearts of older adults." Through their varied services, they care for people’s mental, physical, and spiritual needs. They serve 25,000 residents and clients across a spectrum of incomes each year. As they expand, PHS also updates existing communities by refurbishing living spaces, amenities, and more.

Before-and-after of renovated kitchen.Before-and-after: Kitchen renovation at a PHS senior living community.

Striving to be intentional with extra items from renovations, PHS connects with organizations that have similar missions, like ReStore. When they have usable materials and appliances they no longer need, PHS donates these items to give them a new purpose. ReStore then sells these products to support Twin Cities Habitat’s mission. (Fun fact: PHS also donates to Milwaukee's ReStore!)

Dustin Sayre, Director of Renovations at PHS, shared more about this partnership. “Like Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, we want to make sure people have a safe home they can afford. And we want to be good stewards of the resources we have, both economically and environmentally. So, when we do renovations, we don’t want to throw away things that someone else can use.”

Since this partnership began in 2018, PHS often donates cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves. Then, ReStore shoppers can get affordable, high-quality products and make a difference for their community and environment.

"We're giving people an opportunity to thrive. A lot of our residents care about legacy, and donating to ReStore helps create that,” said Dustin. “We love to have this opportunity to repurpose things. That's what we're all about: enriching the lives of others."

Thank you, Presbyterian Homes & Services, for supporting ReStore and the mission of Twin Cities Habitat! You can learn more about PHS on their website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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