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Brighten Your Living Space and Mood [VIDEO]

Brighten Your Living Space and Mood [VIDEO]

Are gloomy winter days getting you down? Now that the holidays are over, waiting for warmer weather can be difficult. Even for people who enjoy the snowy season, spring's welcome arrival can feel far away. Jan Hagerman, ReStore Manager, shares how you can brighten your living spaces—and how you just might lift your mood at the same time.

Jan holding peel-and-stick wallpaper at the WCCO studio

From adding calming or vibrant colors to switching up what you already have, here are some of Jan's tips to bring new life to your home:

  • Add a plant or two

  • Find a new, colorful throw blanket or pillow

  • Look for artwork at a thrift store, or rearrange artwork already on display

  • Install a new showerhead in your bathroom

  • Use crystal glasses to keep jewelry off the counter

  • Use a decorative basket for storage

  • Paint an accent wall or a piece of furniture a fresh color

  • Use stick-on wallpaper in the back of a bookcase

Watch Jan at the WCCO Studio:

Looking for more ideas? ReStore is here to help!

Stop by our ReStore locations in Minneapolis and New Brighton to see what you can find to spruce up your home. But first, sign up for Hot Deals to get the latest deals!

ReStore is your DIY headquarters

Jan at the WCCO studio.

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