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Robert’s Pride Door at ReStore

Robert’s Pride Door at ReStore

If you visit the New Brighton ReStore in June, you’ll notice a creative project on display in the store. When ReStore received a large donation of doors this spring, Robert, Assistant Manager at New Brighton, decided to create a Pride-themed door. This is Robert’s second Pride project—last year he used donated bricks to make an art installation inspired by the Stonewall uprising.

“I did a Pride DIY project last year for display and education,” he said. “I decided to keep the tradition going and completed this year’s project: ‘Pride Opens Doors/Protect Trans Futures.’”

Keep reading to hear from Robert and learn more about the meaning behind this year’s project.

A door painted with a Pride flag, the words Pride Opens Doors, and a quote.What inspired your projects, both last year and this year?

Before coming to ReStore, my background was in higher education, specifically gender equality and equity. I want to get the message out there: there’s still work to do. That’s always on my mind, and I want to highlight that. And at ReStore, we’re always looking for DIY projects. When the bricks came in last year, I noticed they looked like a flag and decided to do something with them. It was received well, so I wanted to do a project again. Then we got these doors, and I was thinking through what they could be.


This year, the theme of the project is “Pride Opens Doors.” Doors have been closed in the past, but we’re celebrating open doors. We can celebrate while still recognizing closed doors. We can remember while we celebrate. This installation uses a retrospection of selected Pride flags, while also recognizing and calling to action against the ways doors are being closed on Trans futures.

What impact do you hope your installation has on those who see it?

I hope customers who come in feel supported, seen, and heard. I hope folks see the door and feel welcomed. Secondarily, I value education and awareness in these projects. I hope people take the opportunity to experience and interact [with the art], growing in understanding and awareness. Work is still happening. There’s a purpose to this. [This project] advocates for and celebrates one’s livability in our community.

Visit the Store During June

Robert’s project will be on display the entire month of June, along with additional educational materials. If Robert’s project inspires or impacts you, you can also enter to win the door. Visit the New Brighton ReStore to enter the giveaway—you’ll find a bucket near the installation with paper to write down your name and phone number.

Thank you, Robert, for sharing your creativity and passion with the ReStore community!

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