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Make the Most of Your Small Space

Make the Most of Your Small Space

Guest blog by Jill O'Gorman, professional designer

August is in full swing, and it's time to start thinking about going back to school! If you are moving into a dorm or apartment—or downsizing because your students are off to college—you may be thinking about this looming question: Where do I put all my stuff? Whether you are planning a move or organizing a room in your current home, here are some of our favorite ways to maximize storage and make the most of a small space.

Storage Ottomans or Cubes

If there is one furniture item every small space could benefit from, it would be the storage ottoman. The storage ottoman is a multi-purpose favorite. Not only can an ottoman be used for storage, but it also doubles as extra seating, a coffee table, or a side table. Ottomans come in multiple upholstered and fabric options that can match your décor and be both functional and fashionable. Run, don't walk, to pick up this storage hero!

Ottoman in entry way with throw pillows.Photo from Designer Living

Door Storage

Whether it's a bedroom closet, pantry, bathroom, or mudroom, make use of interior door space. Door organizers help sort small items, and they also clear the clutter and hide it out of sight from guests.

Three pastel-colored doors, each with storage racks and shelves.
Photo from Bash & Co.

Tote bed storage and under-the-bed drawers.Under-the-Bed Storage

When my son went to college, we maximized storage by using under-the-bed storage containers. If your bed isn't on a frame, you can purchase bed risers to lift it off the floor. Under-the-bed storage comes in multiple styles, from rolling containers that look like drawers to basic plastic totes. If you have a smaller closet, use under-the-bed storage totes for seasonal clothes. Or, if you want to hide what's under the bed, use a bed skirt. You can also buy a comforter larger than your mattress so it hangs closer to the ground.
Photos from The Spruce and Good Housekeeping

Resource: DIY Dorm Room Hacks [VIDEO]

High shelf with towers and a basket in a bathroom.Storage Shelving

We all know that shelving provides a ton of extra storage. However, if space is limited for bookshelves or chunky furniture, just look up. A floating shelf next to a bed, above a doorway, or on open wall space can be utilized for extra storage. Putting baskets on open shelves can hide and organize those smaller items for an uncluttered look.
Photo from Live Simply by Annie

Kitchen Storage

If you have a small kitchen or limited drawer or cabinet space, make use of your wall or backsplash. A hanging rod with hooks, magnetic strips, or peg board are all stylish ways to add function and personality to your kitchen.

Magnetic bar with knives, rod and hooks with pans, and peg board in kitchens.Photos from Next Luxury and MyDomaine

Making Your Space Work for You

Moving into or organizing small spaces does not have to be daunting. Make organizing a fun challenge by mapping out your ideas. Then utilize all wall space, door space, and under-the-bed and multi-purpose furniture pieces. When planning, the first step is to take inventory and get rid of things you don't need. Next, group the remaining items and try out one of our favorite storage solutions! Make sure to stop by ReStore in Minneapolis and New Brighton to see if you can find what you're looking for. The final step is the best: enjoy your fresh, organized, and personalized space.

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Jill O'Gorman smiling.Jill O’Gorman values the powerful connection between home presentation, perceived value, and market time. In 2008, Jill combined her interior decorating background and real estate expertise to launch Ravishing Rooms. She provides staging consultations to Realtors® and homeowners, helping them prepare homes for the market or stage vacant homes. Ravishing Rooms also offers interior design and interior decorating services.

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