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How to Pick an Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

How to Pick an Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

Valspar paint at ReStore.Choosing a new exterior paint color for your house is a lot of fun! With every fresh coat, you’re customizing your home to look just the way you like it. But, there are so many different paint color schemes, and sometimes it can be tough to decide between all the options.

Don't worry! If you consider these key factors when choosing an exterior paint color, you'll find the perfect hue in no time.

Consider the Architecture and Design of Your Home

You would probably want to paint a colonial style home a classic color because it's a traditional-style home. Similarly, certain colors work better with different types of architecture. A bungalow or cottage style house would look great with pastel yellow siding and a bright blue or red door, but that might not look right on a contemporary home with multiple windows.

In fact, to make things easier, many paint manufacturers have created period-specific paint lines. You can start with one of these as a primary color, and then add accent colors based on personal taste. If your home doesn’t have a particular style, you can choose just about anything within reason.

Take a Neighborhood Tour

Unlike the interior of your home, where you can do almost anything you like without affecting those around you, the exterior of your home has an impact on your neighborhood. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take a look at your neighbor’s houses for ideas when choosing a paint color. Look for homes that have similar architecture and design to your own and note their color schemes. This will give you an idea of what colors might look good on your home and complement the rest of the homes on your street. This is especially important if you have Homeowners Association (HOA) restrictions on paint color schemes.

Be Careful with Loud or Bright Colors

While you can use some primary colors as accent colors (like your front door, or shutters), you may not want to paint your entire house fire engine red, especially if you live in a neighborhood where houses are close together. Sometimes it’s nice to stand out, but typically, primary colors are a little too powerful.

As a general rule, try to make sure that the color you choose blends well with the other homes in the neighborhood. This goes for pastels, too. In neighborhoods where the lots are larger and the homes are more spaced out, or the homes have more foliage around them, exterior paint color can be more personalized.

Consider Your Landscaping

Your landscaping can help you choose the right paint color. For example, earthy colors work really well with a wooded landscaping, whereas pastel or bright colors may not. The climate you live in will also make a difference. Try to imagine your chosen paint color in the fall, especially if you live in an area where the leaves change.

Exterior paint color also looks different in various lighting, like sunlight versus rainy days. When choosing a color, paint an inconspicuous part of your home and check it in various lighting conditions. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a color you don't like as much on a sunny day but you're okay with when it rains.

Take into Consideration the Things that are Difficult to Change

The exterior paint color you ultimately choose should work with all the elements on your home, especially the ones that are hard to change unless you’re renovating, like the shingles on your roof, your driveway, the path leading up to your entryway and any stonework. Pick something that complements the other elements of your home.

Choose Three Colors for Your Scheme

Usually, a home’s exterior color scheme involves three hues:

  • The field color — the home’s primary or base color
  • An accent color — for shutters, doors, and small areas
  • Trim color — for all the trim work like door and window casings, railings, and roof edgings. This color should be a stark contrast to the field color.

Some major paint brands offer paint schemes with preselected colors that make choosing your home’s exterior paint color super easy. But, if you prefer a more personal touch or are unsure what would look best, check with a color consultant or one of our experts at a TC Restore location who can guide you in the right direction and help you choose the right color scheme.

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