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Easy Mother's Day Gifts

Easy Mother's Day Gifts

When Mother's Day comes around, we think about the mother figures in our lives and how we can show appreciation for everything they've done. Here are some quick and easy gifts you can put together yourself and are guaranteed to make her smile! 

DIY Planters

Several DIY garden boxes with green plants

Many of us have left over wood scraps in the garage, and you can create a simple but sturdy planter box with a small amount of materials. Creating a raise bed is essentially a wood box and some good soil. Note: the one wood you should refrain from using is green treated lumber. There are chemicals you don't want if this garden will be growing food. 

The thicker the lumber the better, but any will do. Lumber two inches thick will last a good 10 years without any treatment. Thinner material won't last as long, but can still work just fine for a few years. ReStore, emphasizes using what you have before buying new. Save items from being thrown away and ending up in a landfilluse them in your planter!

Go for the standard planter box or try something a bit different. Make a smaller box for a patio or go big with a mini farm.

A tiered planter.

Make sure to place the planter in a spot that gets enough sun for the desired plants. If it's for a food garden, you'll want 6-8 hours of sunlight. If you're planting flowers, consider picking one that highlights your mom's favorite color.

Fun tip? Consider building the planter or raised bed on Mothers Day! This will not only help last-minute gift hunters deliver an amazing gift on-time, but most moms and mother figures will love watching their builders in action. Just make sure to set her up with some lemonade and a snack!

An unexpected planter is a cinder block. This modern looking container is great for small succulents and other plants. Paint or color the cinderblock to give it an added personal touchchild handprints are a thoughtful idea. Since cinder blocks have a bit of weight, be sure to be careful when lifting and rearranging them.

Discover more DIY Mother's Day Creations, including tile coasters and cork boards. 

Bundle It

A variety of small buckets, pails, mason jars, and trays

Consider going the extra mile with smaller gifts bundled together. When you choose a bunch of smaller items the recipient loves, it shows you're paying attention and that you care. 

Buy some inexpensive mason jars and fill them with her favorite candy, or favorite coffee beans,  tea bags, or hot chocolate. You can also layer together the ingredients for a delicious cup of soup. 

Seed packets in a small planter.

Smaller containers or buckets can also be used as mini planters if the larger garden box doesn't work. You can also get creative with a seed bouquet. Buy a variety of seeds (flower or vegetable) and glue each packet to a stick; then arrange like flowers!

Wine Basket

Bottles of wine in gift baskets

If all else fails, consider a wine basket! It's an opportunity to give a mom a "day off." Bundle some Rosé into a basket, bucket, or box. This works for non-alcoholic drinks as well. Gather her favorite tea, flavored water, lemonade, etc. into a container for an easy gift she'll be sure to enjoy.

Whatever you decide to do or create, spend some time really thinking about what the gift might mean to the special person you're giving it to. Customize these ideas to show your mother figure that she doesn't get just one holiday, but she is appreciated all year round!

Give in Honor

You can also make a charitable donation in honor or memory of your mom or mother figure. On the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity donation form, click "Give in honor/memory" and dedicate your gift. You'll be able to send an e-card or have us send a card to the recipient on your behalf. It's a great way to honor someone while supporting affordable homeownership within the Twin Cities.

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