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DIY Mother's Day Creations

DIY Mother's Day Creations

With Mother’s Day approaching, one of the best ways to show your mother and mother figures in your life that you love them is through a handmade gift. When we create, we create from the heart. Below are a few unique and creative DIY ideas to inspire you to give a special gift this Mother’s Day. 

Decorate a Flower Pot

This is a simple and thoughtful DIY project and gift for the mothers in your life who love flowers and plants. All you need is old or new flower pots (terra cotta is recommended), some paint, and a little creativity. Once you have the desired number of pots, come up with a cool concept or pattern to paint on the pot, and let it dry.  It may also be helpful to spray the dry painted pots with a finisher so they last longer. 

Here are some of our favorite decorative ideas to get you started. Click the links for instructions.  


Four images of painting a white stencil pattern on a terra cotta pot.

Pick out a fun stencil pattern at your local craft store, secure it in place on the pot, and start painting!


Use rubber bands and painter's tape to create fun stripes and blocks of color. Horizontal stripes are easiest, but vertical stripes can offer a more unique look.

Decoupage Lace

Set of terra cotta pots decorated with lace.

Use Mod Podge glue to attach lace to a flower pot for a country chic look.


Include the handprints of a child on the pot and label it with their name or "Mom." 

DIY Flower Stands

If you want to give a gift related to gardening that is more outside of the box, another great idea is a homemade flower stand. These can range from simple to complicated, so be sure to find a good set of instructions to follow. Click the links for details.

Simple Plant Stand

Keep it simple with some dowels or pieces of pre-cut wood, screws, and wood glue. You can create a plant stand in just minutes!

Tiered Plant Stand

A tiered plant stand is also a fun DIY project using scrap wood and screws...and a little paint, of course! This one takes a little longer, but is still relatively easy.

Cinder Blocks

Painted cinder blocks with succulents planted in them.

A common item that can be used to create a unique planter is a cinder block. The blocks are also a great way to garden vertically when you stack them in different patterns. Similar to flower pots, you can paint and stencil cinder blocks to add color and style. Use one or two blocks for individual planters, or use a whole bunch to create lawn edging or define yard boundaries.

Adding a few long pieces of wood, you can create a cinder block garden bench that adds a modern touch to any yard.  All you will need here are the cinder blocks, wood, varnish, and a bit of geometric skill. Since cinder blocks have a bit of weight, be sure to be careful when lifting and rearranging them.  

Build a Pallet Planter

Pallet plant holderA pallet (also called a skid) is a flat transport structure that supports and stabilizes goods while being lifted by a forklift. You may see one and think nothing of it, but it's actually a versatile item that can be transformed into a variety of other useful products. Here are 25 Simple Ways to Build a Pallet Planter

General tips to keep in mind: Use a safe wood sealer on your pallet. Typically, pallets only last 3-5 years since wood is subject to rot when it's out in the elements. A sealer will help keep the pallet dry. Another good tip is to make sure the pallet is off the dirt. Store it on a concrete patio or wood deck. You should also line the pallet planter with weed fabric or plastic before placing the soil and plants inside. 

Thinking a little further outside the box, transform a pallet into a handy organizer for your mom's gardening odds and ends! Use an old rake head to corral tools, and mount a bucket that can store gloves on the inside and a hose on the outside. 

Pallet hanging on a wall and holding garden tools.

Create Coasters 

Scrap wood and tile can be two of the easiest supplies to make a gift that is meaningful and useful.  When cut to the right size, wood can be a perfect base to create coasters or wood trivets for pots.  However, for coasters tile may be the easiest since it is almost always the perfect size as-is. 

Two sets of decorative coasters.

To make tile coasters, all you need are tile, hot glue, some patterned paper, and Mod Podge. Instead of paper, you can use photographs or written messages. After gluing your desired pattern to the tile, mod podge the tile, and let dry completely. It may also be a good idea to seal with acrylic sealer and attach cork or felt fabric to the back of the coasters so they don’t scratch the surfaces they are on.  

Jewelry Organizers

Skip spending money on diamonds or pearls and make a handy and lovely jewelry organizer instead. Click the links below for instructions.

Framed Organizer

Large picture frame with chicken wire behind it with many pairs of eearings.

If the mother figure in your life has a lot of dangly earrings, a framed jewelry organizer makes a great gift. Find a large picture frame (spruce it up with a new coat of paint or varnish, or leave as-is for a vintage look), attach some chicken wire, and voilà!

Wall Organizer

Use scrap plywood, dowels, and hooks to make a few different kinds of organizers that hang beautifully on a wall. Getting jewelry on a wall frees up space in drawers and on shelves. Create an organizer dedicated to necklaces, one for bracelets and bangles, and one for earrings.

Cork Board

Bulletin board with fabric over it turned into a jewelry holder.

Who knew an old-school bulletin board could become a lovely jewelry organizer! With a little decorative fabric and small hooks, you can create a real space-saver for all kinds of accessories.

Have a happy Mother's Day and good luck with your creations! 

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