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DIY Mother's Day Creations

Guest Blogger

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and one of the best ways to show your mother and mother figures in your life that you love them, is through a handmade gift. When we create, we create from the heart.  We’ve come up with a few unique and creative DIY ideas to inspire you to give a special gift this Mother’s Day. 

Flower Pots, Flower Shelves, and Garden Benches:

This is the perfect DIY project and gift especially if the mother you are giving it to likes plants and flowers. All you need is old or new flower pots, some paint, and a little creativity. Once you have the desired number of pots, come up with a cool concept or pattern to paint on the pot, and let it dry.  It may also be helpful or beneficial to spray the dry painted pots with a finisher so they last longer.  Simple, easy, and a perfect gift!  (Bonus points if you can plant something in it!)

If you are struggling in coming up with a few decorative paint ideas, here are a few of our favorites to get you going:


If you already have some flowerpots that are complete, or you want to give your mother a gift related to gardening that is more outside of the box, another great idea is flower stands.  These can both be simple and complicated, so be sure to find a good set of instructions to follow.  The last thing you want is for the flowers to tumble down after all your hard work. 

For simple plant stands, all you need is dowels or pieces of pre-cut wood, screws, and some wood glue.  We have attached a few links to some great step by step instructions for some really cute and simple stands!  Click here to view instructions!

Continuing with the outdoors and garden theme, one common item that can be used to create a unique and lasting gift are cinder blocks.  With a few cinder blocks and long pieces of wood, you are able to create a garden bench that not only ads a modern touch, but can house succulents and other plants.  All you will need here are the cinder blocks, wood, varnish, and a bit of geometric skill.  Since cinder blocks have a bit of weight, be sure to be careful when lifting and rearranging them.  

Homey Touches- Coasters and Cork Boards:

Scrap wood and tile can be two of the easiest supplies to make a gift that is meaningful and useful.  When cut to the right size, wood can be a perfect base to create coasters or wood trivets for pots.  However for coasters, tile may be the easiest since it is almost always the perfect size as is. 


To make tile coasters, all you need are tile, hot glue, some patterned paper, and mod podge.  Instead of paper, you could even use photographs or written messages.  After gluing your desired pattern to the tile, mod podge the tile, and let dry completely.  It may also be a good idea to seal with acrylic sealer and attach cord to the back of the coasters so they don’t scratch the surfaces they are on.  

Cork can also be a great material to use to create a place to display notes, photos, other messages, or even jewelry.  With an old photo frame and some cork, your new display is almost complete.  By cutting the cork to size and fitting it to the frame, you can leave it as is or spray paint the frame to ad a bit more spark. 

Have a happy Mother's Day and good luck with the creations! 
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