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DIY with ReStore: You Won't Believe What We Used to Make This Fire Pit [VIDEO]

Posted by ReStore Staff on Oct 6, 2017 2:48:04 PM

Fall is in the air, and if there’s one thing we love about the changing seasons here in Minnesota, it's spending time outdoors in the crisp autumn air — like cozying up next to a backyard bonfire.

In this video, Jan Hagerman with Twin Cities Habitat’s Restore demonstrates how to create your own fire pit using recycled materials that you probably wouldn’t have guessed.


What you’ll need:

Here at the ReStore, we don’t believe in tossing out materials when there's great re-purposing opportunity. The fire pit in this video, for instance, was made from the drum of an old washing machine that was no longer functional. The legs of the fire pit are from a swivel office chair.

Jan used some heat resistant paint to make the fire put a little more fire resistant. You can get the wood pallets at Restore, too. Once you’ve got those items together, all you’ve got to do is fire-up the wood, grab some roasting sticks and enjoy a night toasting marshmallows with friends.

We made the bench, too. 

Oh, and you know that bench Jan’s sitting on? It was also made at the ReStore. It just takes some lumber, 4x4’s, some screws and you’re good to go. You can pick up benches like this at the ReStore, or if you're feeling crafty, we've got the materials for you to make your own, too.

For these materials, finished DIY projects and much more, come see us at either of our stores here in the Twin Cities – in South Minneapolis or New Brighten. Looking for more DIY videos? We've got you covered.

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