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5 Creative DIY Fire Pit Ideas You Can Make at Home

5 Creative DIY Fire Pit Ideas You Can Make at Home

Blog Update (7/28/2022): It was brought to our attention that a project idea using window wells in a previous update is not recommended. High heat can cause the zinc coating on galvanized metal to come off and be harmful if inhaled. Be mindful when DIY-ing, and learn something new every day. We did!

There's a reason s'mores and smiles are common sights around a backyard fire pit. The backyard fire pit is, essentially, a symbol of warm-weather togetherness: friends, family, and neighbors can all gather for warmth and welcoming conversation under clear skies.

Various fire pit ideas.Photo credits: dewey302, The Interior Frugalista, HGTV, mustaddfabricsoftener.com via Bob Vila. 

But there's definitely a difference between "a pleasant, controlled backyard bonfire" and "a pile of stones and burning wood." If a nice fire pit sounds like a big to-do, don't worry—as long as you've got space, you can use these easy, fun, and creative fire pit ideas to put together something you'll actually want to sit around!

Creative Fire Pit Ideas You Can Make in Your Backyard

Even if you don't consider yourself a crafty person, these fun fire pit concepts can bring out the exterior designer in anyone. Plus, you can find lots of the materials you need to tackle outdoor projects like a fire pit at ReStore!

No matter what style you choose, be sure to add a couple inches of sand in the bottom of your DIY fire pit to avoid a flame hazard!

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. A fire pit made from decorative stone tree rings

Stone tree rings are cheap, sturdy, fireproof, and decorative, making them a perfect (if unorthodox) base for your backyard fire pit. Learn how to make this crafty spin on a traditional fire pit at Instructables.com.

Concrete tree ring fire pit next to lawn chairs and a pool.

2. Upcycling a washing machine drum into a fire pit

If you're lucky enough to find a scrap washing machine (sometimes available at ReStore), you can use the insides, some hardware, household power tools, and a little elbow grease to make a cute standing fire pit that's safe to use on your porch or patio. Get step-by-step instructions to make a washing machine drum fire pit at HGTV.com.

Washing drum fire pit.

3. Sinking a brick fire pit

If you'd like to keep your fire pit a little more low-profile, you can dig a hole big enough to serve as one, line it with bricks, and get burning! (Be sure to add it somewhere you won't have to worry about stepping later on!) Follow these instructions to create a sunken fire pit in your yard.

Sunk brick fire pit.

4. A "fire pit" made from Adirondack chairs

Adirondack Fire Bowl Table-6Short on space? This Adirondack fire bowl coffee table makes a great alternative to a traditional fire pit. Not only is it portable, it makes for a cost-effective, stylish addition for backyard get-togethers. If you take on this project, make sure to take note of the fire sources you can and can't use with it! Take a look at how to DIY this beautiful piece at The Interior Frugalista.


5. The quick, easy, and practical cinder block fire pit

This is one of our favorites for multiple reasons. One is that cinder blocks are super cheap and disperse heat pretty quickly (porous like bricks but also hollow). Another is that they're easy to assemble into a square fire pit, sturdy enough to stay where you put them, and easy to disassemble if you need that space again. Get more info on this easy cinder block fire pit from Bob Vila.

Cinder block fire pit.

Find the Pieces for Your Next Project at ReStore!

ReStore donors and shoppers help keep 3.9 million pounds of usable materials–like the stuff you need to make a DIY fire pit–out of landfills every year. We accept outdoor building items like landscaping materials April 1 through October 31, including the following:

  • Tools and hardware

  • Landscaping blocks and trim

  • Bricks

  • Cinder blocks

  • And more!

Stop by to find what you need for your next project, or clear out those unused materials and donate them for a good cause at either ReStore location. Happy crafting!


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