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The DIY Gift Season

Christy Ohlrogge

Now that we're (finally) hitting spring weather, many will start to feel the desire to do spring cleaning and projects around the house. We often forget, though, that gifts can also be DIY projects - and they can mean so much more because of the care and effort put into them.

Since spring is also the time for Mother's and Father's Day, here's some ideas for fun gifts you can make - and we can help you with materials from our ReStores!


Mother's Day

Decorative Photo Holder

This project involves your favorite photos, yarn, clips, nails, and some rope!

DIY photo holder that says "Mom".

Hand Print Flower Pots

Pots are easy to find almost anywhere - and you can pair it with our indoor/outdoor Amazon paints to put some fun in gardening for the spring!

Hand Print flower pots.

Father's Day

DIY Tie Holder

There's never enough room for all the ties accumulated in life. Why not make a fun holder that only requires wood and nails/hooks?

DIY tie rack.

Hand Print Decoration

Paint always makes for a fun project - and as a bonus you can show you care in a unique way.

Wall decoration with hand prints, saying "Best Dad ever hands down."

These were just a few ides, but come into our stores and the possibilities are endless! Check our Facebook page for items we're especially excited about that could prove useful for a project you don't know you're planning yet. Or look on our Pinterest page if you're inspired, but want to tackle a different project.

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