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Residents encourage new use for remodeled furnishings

Residents encourage new use for remodeled furnishings

When it came time for the EagleCrest community in Roseville to embark on a remodel project, the residents wanted to make sure things didn’t get thrown away during construction. This would make for a perfect partnership between Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Presbyterian Homes, the parent company of EagleCrest.

About a year ago Presbyterian Homes started upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms of 127 apartments at the EagleCrest senior community. As the work began, several residents commented that “the cabinets still had life in them.” That’s when Paul Duncan, project managers for remodeling, did some searching. He found the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore! He eventually connected with Robin Henrichsen who is the Donation Manager here at the ReStore. Robin was able to confirm that the kitchen cabinets and appliances met donation guidelines and visited with EagleCrest residents to assure them that their cabinets and appliances would be put to good use in their next home.

Kitchen before remodel.    Kitchen after remodel.
Before and after photos from the EagleCrest senior apartments. 

Known as the “Silent Generation,” those born in between 1925 and 1945 lived through the Great Depression. Resources and money were tight back then, and people had to make do with what little they had. It’s perhaps one of the greatest traits and lessons this generation can provide us. Many things still have use and shouldn’t be wasted. “Donated cabinets and other home improvement products are sold to the public at our two ReStore outlets,” according to store manager Jill Carmody. "There have been many creative buyers of these golden oak cabinets with a wide variety of uses including rental property upgrades and garage or basement storage solutions.”


Cabinets donated by residents of EagleCrest.
Golden oak cabinets donated by EagleCrest. Photo taken at the Minneapolis ReStore. 


This new relationship with Presbyterian Homes and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore has created a steady donation flow of home improvement products. Robin reports that there have been 81 donation pickups to date in 2018. “We have regularly scheduled pickups at EagleCrest twice a week. Donations made to our ReStores are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds support Habitat’s mission,” Robin says.

Donated cabinets and appliances.
Donated cabinets and appliances. Photo taken at the New Brighton ReStore.

Beyond supporting Twin Cities Habitat, working together, we are keeping tons of items out of landfills that would normally just be thrown in a dumpster. Project Manager Paul says the “Restore is reliable and scheduling is great. I would highly recommend.” It’s truly a win-win for everyone. The ReStore has some great product, Presbyterian Homes can make their residents happy, and the Silent Generation can be rest assured that they have been heard!


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