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Make Way for ReStore Expansion

Jared Laabs

The demand and need of a home improvement outlet in our community is evident with over 18,000 donations a year and over 58,000 shoppers a year at ReStore. Year over year growth has resulted in one thing for our New Brighton location... We must expand! 

Demolition of an expanded ReStore space started the second week in January and construction will continue for several months. Take a peek inside by watching the below video:

"We'd like to thank our customers, donors, and volunteers who have helped us get where we are now, says ReStore Director, Pete O'Keefe. "It's because of our very generous community, that ReStore is such a big success. We need your help now more than ever to make an even larger ReStore a success!"

You can do these things right away to help:

donate now to support our mission

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