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Fathers Day Gift Brainstorm

Jared Laabs

Some of us have already planned out a social distance party or celebration in honor of Fathers Day, but some of us react a moment before the big day. Either way, we've got some ideas that are worth the scroll.

At ReStore, we like reusing things or at minimum, giving a project a "green" lens so their is minimal impact to our environment and landfills. This mindset helps us all and most of the time helps us save a bit of money!

Nail and string art



Outdoor furniture or hammock

Beer bundle 

Cornhole or other games

Dad portrait using found objects

The standard hand print


Dad catch phrase or quote

Cell phone station


Bottle opener



Whatever you decide to create, we feel the best and most memorable ones are handmade. Have fun this Father Day and whatever you decide to do, have fun!

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