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DIY Serving Tray That Makes for a Great Practical Gift [VIDEO]

DIY Serving Tray That Makes for a Great Practical Gift [VIDEO]

While decorative projects are fun to look at, it can be even more rewarding to make something that you will put to use. Here at the ReStore, we love a good household DIY project, especially one that is practical. This darling serving tray project will certainly come in handy next time you want to enjoy a movie night on the couch or breakfast in bed.

In this video, Jan Hagerman with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore shares how to make this unique serving tray using an old cabinet door, spindles, and some decorative tile.

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What You Need to Make This Serving Tray

The instructions for this project are pretty short and sweet, and there's plenty of room for creativity.

First, you'll need an old cabinet door. That will serve as the platform of the tray. If you want it raised, you can take some old spindles and screw them to the four corners on the underside of the cabinet door — just make sure your spindles are cut to the same length so that the tray is levelIf you don’t want to put legs on your serving tray, consider adhering a couple cabinet door pulls to either end of the tray as handles.

Then, paint it to whatever color you wishor leave the wood, if that's the look you're going for! Now, it's time for our favorite touchadding the decorative tiling to the top of the tray. The tile can simply be placed on the cabinet door (or tray top) with some construction adhesive. Once that’s secured, all that you have to do is grout the top and clean it off. 

Though tiling isn't essential for the functionality of the piece, it looks great and it's an awesome way to get some practice laying tile, especially if you have a bathroom or kitchen floor tiling project you plan to tackle in the near future.

Get Your DIY Supplies at the ReStore

Don't have the supplies listed above? Check out either of our ReStore locations in South Minneapolis or New Brighton for paint, wood, or any other supplies you may need. Stop by during regular business hours and our team can point you in the right direction.

Download our DIY Project Instruction Sheets. Clickable link to download now.

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