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DIY Planters That'll Have Your Friends Saying "Teach Me"

DIY Planters That'll Have Your Friends Saying

When temperatures warm, trees begin to bud, and flowers start blooming, you know it's spring. And what better way to display those gorgeous flowers than in DIY planters?

Whether you’re making a planter of your own or looking for a new way to showcase those gorgeous flowers, we've got several ideas to get those creative juices flowing. And the planters will be so eye-catching, your friends will ask you to teach them how to make one of their own!

Dressed Up Dresser

If you have an old dresser that you no longer use, convert it into beautiful DIY planters. This one takes a bit of effort, but it's well worth the time you put into it.

You can paint the dresser any color and even change the drawer pulls to match the look of your garden. You'll use the drawers as planters, which means you'll need to weight them so that the dresser doesn't topple forward. Check out this full tutorial.

If you don’t have an old dresser handy, come shop at our local ReStore outlets. We have many different dresser types to choose from, so you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your project!

SaveDresser Transformations - Addicted 2 Decorating®Addicted 2 Decorating®An old dresser as a container garden...look great with wave petunias

Colander Planter

If you have an old metal colander lying around (or you're looking to get a new one), turn it into a planter. Colanders make the perfect planter because the holes around the sides provide plenty of drainage.

You can paint it to fit your décor or leave it as is and either place it on a table or hang it using the handles. Leaving it out in the elements allows it to become weathered and rusted, giving the colander a vintage feel.

SaveHow to Make a Colander Planter - My Frugal AdventuresMy Frugal AdventuresHow to Make a Colander Planter

Rustic Watering Can

Old metal watering cans make wonderful DIY planters. The aged appearance of the metal gives the planter a rustic country feel. You can put flowers in the can, using it like a vase, or plant actual flowers in it. If you plan on adding dirt and flowers, you'll want to make sure you have drainage holes in the bottom of the planter to prevent mold and bacteria from damaging your plants.
SavePublished byErin Eddy

Soup Ladles for Succulents

Everyone loves succulents. Their various designs and colors make them gorgeous additions to home décor, and they are hardy plants. They are also small enough to fit in a soup ladle. You can use several antique soup ladles as DIY planters and then hang them on a wire just about anywhere.
SaveCan I just tell you that this is fantastic? Succulents in a ladle? Brilliant.CH2 Christi Hocking HandcraftsHome and Garden

Wooden Drawer Planters

Vintage wooden drawers make cute planters. You can drill holes in the bottom of the drawer for drainage and decorate the drawers anyway you like. And they come in various sizes, so you can have small, medium, and large planters that look great in your garden or on your patio.

You can also build them yourself if you can't find one that meets the dimensions you need. Stop by the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Restore to find the materials. We have plenty of lumber and plywood.

SaveWood Drawer PlantersLTD CommoditiesWood Drawer Planters

Repurposed Sewing Cabinet

Repurposing old sewing cabinets is quite trendy these days, and one of the most popular uses is converting them to planters. If you have an old sewing cabinet or know someone who does, repurpose it into a vintage flower box with a rustic feel.

Start by removing the lid and lining the inside bottom of the cabinet with a plastic garbage bag and water bottles for drainage. Then, fill with potting soil and plant. It's that simple.

SaveVintage Sewing Cabinet Turned Porch PlanterHometalk.complanter repurpose sewing cabinet vintage, container gardening, flowers, gardening, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Old Metal Buckets or Milk Cans

Old metal gives a country feel to just about anything, and old metal buckets and milk cans are no exception. These vintage items make wonderful planters especially if they are rusty—but these can be hard to come by if you don't already own them. If you can't find authentic vintage buckets or milk cans, you can always try a gardening service and purchase ready-made ones.
SaveI'm a simply complexed, tree huggin', nature lovin', solar powered, outdoorsie, country hearted, girl... Who lives in a crazy, busy, materialistic world.Published byJennifer Carmine

Vintage Birdcage

This is a fun and very different planter, and it has decent drainage since it's a cage. Simply add some planting material and plants in the bottom. Voila! You have a unique planter. Long plants that hang over the sides work well for this project, too.

If you're feeling extra creative, choose a couple different styles of planters to showcase your spring blooms. Let your imagination soar! Soon, you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.

SaveHow to Grow Succulents in a Birdcage | Balcony Garden WebBalcony Garden WebSucculents are the easiest plants to grow. Even a beginner can grow them successfully. Grow them in a birdcage to embellish your garden or balcony. We’re assuming that you’ve read our previous post on How to make a birdcage planter. If not, please read that first. Let’s see how to grow succulents in a birdcage


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