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Art that Gives Back

There are many DIY projects that come about from the use of ReStore materials. We feel lucky to run across the creative minds that make frequent stops to the store, but when we heard about the work of Craig Dorn, we hit the jackpot!

Craig creates beautiful wooden crosses with colorful tile: “I’ve been doing this for about three-to-four years and it’s evolved. If you do something 1,000 times, you’ll get better at it.” Repetition is key, but improvement can also be fueled by a meaningful mission. Craig’s mission: helping those in need.

Craig sells the crosses and donates the profit to charity:

“I started with five large charities, such as Sharing & Caring Hands and Salvation Army," Craig said.  After a while, Craig decided to focus his charity efforts into one he is proud to support- Alexandra House.

Alexandra House supports, educates, and empowers women and children who experience domestic abuse. Craig sells the crosses at different art fairs around the city, and when people purchase them as gifts, he makes sure to include a brochure about Alexandra House. “Each cross has a story”, said Craig, “and there is a story to be told when the cross is in your home.” Craig hopes that the crosses will spark conversation about Alexandra House and their mission. He spoke of women who come up to him, share their stories, and thank him: “Let’s get women out of these places.”

Cross 3 Cross 2 Cross 1

As Craig continues to create, he stocks up on materials purchased from the ReStore: “I use to get tile from the Tile Shop and had a great discount- but when Habitat had the ReStore, I remember going in there and thinking wow, this is cool!”

ReStore Donations Manager, Robin Henrichsen, picked up on Craig’s frequent purchases of tile and wood: “Craig has been a long-time shopper at the ReStore.  One day I asked him what he does with the interesting mix of tile and wood in his cart.  He loves to make crosses out his ReStore finds and they are simply amazing.  I’m amazed at what he can envision and bring to life with his creative efforts.“

The ReStore has been a great outlet for Craig’s creative mind:

“It’s like a kid in a candy store! Great prices for what I want to do.”

In addition to the crosses, Craig creates encouraging cards and magnets. Craig continues to create and give back: "It reminds me of where I come from."

Thank you, Craig, for your sharing your craft and making a difference!

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